Laughing Seed Café in Asheville, NC, is Looking for Local Artists to Hang Their Work

The Laughing Seed Café is getting a new paint job and is looking for local art to hang. We are a high volume restaurant right on Wall Street in downtown Asheville, NC, offering a good opportunity for sales as far as restaurant venues go. I am open to all styles and levels of experience, although I feel more production oriented work with friendlier price tags will have more of a chance to move.  The main desire is for quality work that will enhance our atmosphere and make it more representative of what Asheville is all about, i. e. art/creativity. Craft and 3D work is acceptable as long as it is wall-mountable. I have professional experience in art installation and sales so your work will be handled appropriately, all you have to do is drop it off.

Interested parties should e-mail Hank Fuseler at ( a bio along with 5-10 JPEG images that are representative of work that you have on hand and ready to hang at this time. I am interested in all good work, even if you only have a couple of pieces available currently.


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