GreenHill in Greensboro, NC, Offers 2014 Collector’s Choice Event – Dec. 6, 2014


GreenHill, a space for NC art, in Greensboro, NC, will culminate its 40th Anniversary Year, with  the 2014 Collector’s Choice event, on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014, from 7-11pm, at The Gallery at Greenhill.

Curator Edie Carpenter has assembled an impressive list of North Carolina artists for “Winter Show 2014”. Artists include 40 friends from our first three decades – Richard Fennell, Christopher Stephens & Betty Watson among them – and 40 favorites from the last 10 years, including Tamie Beldue, Jason Craighead and Alexis Lavine. We will also have 40 artists new to “Winter Show,” such as Dean Alison, Eleanor Annand, Melissa Engler and Damian Stamer.

Collector’s Choice offers a rare opportunity to meet and mingle with “Winter Show” artists, purchase great art and enjoy a lively evening of food, cocktails and music.

Admission is $70 for members and $85 for non-members. Click here to make your reservations (

Participating artists by medium include: (clay) Nicole Aquillano, Blaine Avery, Anja Bartels, Patty Bilbro, Blair Clemo, Laura Cooke, Julie Covington, Lynn Duryea, Seo Eo, Donna Flanery, Alison Flegel, Charles Freeland, Bruce Gholson, Erik Haagensen, Scott Hansman, Tiffany Hansman, Samantha Henneke, Lisa Bruns Joerling, Nick Joerling, Kate Johnston, Kathie Kline, Heather Knight, Elizabeth R. Lasure, Chris Luther, Katherine Maloney, Brett McDonough, Maureen McGregor, Deik Pierce, Lindsay Rogers, Kathleen Ryall, Amy Sanders, Michael Sanford, Luba Sharapan, Molly Kite Spadone, Charlie Tefft, Betsy Vaden, Conrad Weiser, and Adam Wiley; (books and fiber) September Krueger, Mary Kircher, Janet Taylor, and Barbara Zaretsky; (glass) Dean Allison, Kate Bernstein, Will  Bernstein, George-ann Greth, Judson Guérard, and Scott Summerfield; (metal and jewelry) Niki Grandics, Kirk Davis, Molly Dingledine, Jim Gallucci, Glen S.Gardner, Jon Shearin, Michael Waller, and Paul Weller; (painting, drawing and printmaking) Erin Anfinson, Peg Bachenheimer, McDonald Bane, Tamie Beldue, Raymond Berry, Keith Buckner, Jason Craighead, Warren Dennis, Rebecca Fagg, Richard Fennell, Charlotte Foust, John Gall, Mario Gallucci, Joanne Q. Geisel, Kathleen Jardine, Delia Ware Keefe, Mark Kingsley, Alexis Lavine, Jean LeCluyse, Henry Link, Nancy Tuttle May, Jeremiah Miller, Roy Nydorf, Alberto Ortega, Jenifer Padilla, Chrys Riviere-Blalock, Aditya Shringarpure, Tom Spleth, Damian Stamer, Christopher Stephens, Margie Stewart, Lynne Santy Tanner, Cindy Walton, Mark Weber, James Williams, and Betty Watson; (mixed media) Eleanor Annand, Harriet Bellows, Bryant Holsenbeck, and Abigail Heuss; (photography) Raymond Grubb. Marta V. Tornero, Elizabeth Matheson, and Julie Anne Greenberg; (wood and sculpture) Chris Boerner, David Caldwell, Daniel DiCaprio, Melissa Engler, Holly Fischer, O’Neal Jones, Wyatt Speight Rhue, Shane Snider, Paul Sumner, Michael Van Hout, and Presley H. Ward.

For further info call 336/333-7460 or visit (


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