Westminster, SC, Adds Quilt Block to the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail


The 1921 Sears Roebuck craftsman style cottage owned by Mildred and Jim Spearman located at 101 Augusta Street was added to the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail.  The original quilt was made by Mildred Spearman in the late 1970’s in Westminster, SC.


She calls it a Crazy Quilt, a style made popular following the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition Centennial. Inspired by the Japanese Pavilion’s crazed ceramics and asymmetrical art, American ladies quickly adapted the shapes into their sewing by designing quilt patterns using lavish, velvet, brocade and silk fabrics embellished with fancy embroidery stitches. Ladies magazines made this style quite the Victorian rage, lasting until about 1910.

Her husband had many colorful wide neck silk ties. The style changed in the 70’s to a more narrow tie, so just as her grandmother, Questria Claudia Purvis Bane of Mullins, SC, had done many years before, Mildred reused the fabric to make a quilt piece to be used as a top for a round box in which Jim kept small personal items.  After adding the needle work, however, she found it was too small to cover the top of the box; so she placed it in an embroidery hoop and used it as a piece of art work.

The connection reaches even further, in that Jim, a Westminster native, played as a child under his grandmother’s quilting frame.  She was Sarah Judson Buchanan Jones of Westminster.  This quilt block was sponsored by the Spearmans and is in honor of both their maternal grandmothers.

For more information and pictures, click on (www.uhqt.org).


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