Greenhill in Greensboro, NC, Call for Artists to Particapate


Greenhill in Greensboro, NC, is currently seeking artwork submissions from North Carolina artists in all mediums for possible inclusion in Greenhill’s Gallery, In Focus Gallery, and Shop. Greenhill’s mission is to promote the visual arts of North Carolina and in order to do so we continuously strive to identify new artists and stay informed of what working artists are doing throughout the state. Both new and familiar artists to Greenhill are invited to submit their work through our online submission form to help keep Greenhill informed of your current creative endeavors.

Greenhill is the only non-collecting organization dedicated to presenting, promoting and advocating for contemporary visual art and artists of North Carolina. Since its founding in 1974, Greenhill has presented and sold artwork of over 9,800 visual artists and engaged over 1 million visitors through free access to The Gallery, InFocus Gallery, The Shop and the educational programs of ArtQuest.

Exhibitions are composed of two complimentary programs, The Gallery and InFocus Gallery. The Gallery represents the primary space within which Greenhill presents exhibitions that demonstrate the creative and artistic expressions of NC artists. With aesthetic quality invariably at the forefront, exhibitions are planned to give emerging, mid-career and established artists opportunities throughout their careers. Exhibitions in The Gallery are varied and layered, typically running for two months, and include surveys of mediums, investigations of contemporary issues, themes and topics, and retrospectives. InFocus Gallery is an art space designed to bring together new and seasoned art collectors and artists with exceptionally collectable works for sale. InFocus Gallery is Greenhill’s platform for investment in art in combination with The Shop, which offers unique, handcrafted artworks from selected NC artists in a variety of mediums and serves as an accessible entry point for new collectors.

All North Carolina artists are invited to submit. Greenhill defines a North Carolina artist as an artist living and working in the state as well as artists who have worked extensively in NC, received their education in NC or maintain significant ties to NC.

·     Contact Information
·     3 Images with Artwork Information
·     CV
·     Artist Statement

·     Add/update your information to our database.
·     Include you in our ongoing communications including other artist opportunities, if desired.
·     Keep your information on file for consideration in opportunities in The Gallery, The Shop and InFocus Gallery.

·     You will receive an email confirming your submission was successfully received.
·     Please do not contact Greenhill about your submission. Our staff regularly reviews all submissions and will be in contact if your work is a good fit for an exhibition in The Gallery or inclusion in The Shop or InFocus Gallery. Please note Greenhill exhibits quality work that fits our overall mission, aesthetic and exhibition calendar; your work may be of high quality but not a good fit at this time.

For further information contact Toni Tronu, Shop Manager|Registrar, 200 N. Davie Street | Greensboro, NC 27401; Phone 336/333-7460; 850/292-4081, or visit (


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