Rockingham County Arts Council’s Grassroots Grants Applications Due – June 30, 2015


Grassroots Grants are investments in the local community, bringing Culture and Arts programming through collaboration and support with funds from the Rockingham County Arts Council and the NC Arts Council.

Grassroots Grants applications provide funding for a variety of arts programs each year throughout the state of North Carolina. As the Designated County Partner of the NC Art Council, the Rockingham County Arts Council in Wentworth, NC, will be accepting Grant Proposals through June 30, 2015.

Organizations that are non-profits or considered non-profits are encouraged to apply, with any questions welcome by the Director.  “Grassroots Grants are an opportunity to fund projects in our community and schools, helping to increase budgets of non-profits. New applicants are invited to contact us, discuss their project and receive assistance with the application. This is not a difficult grant application, though there are several important qualifications and documents needed. ”  Grant applicants should read the guidelines, applications and report to determine if this is a grant that fits their project.

Grant guideline and applications may be found online at ( and by contacting the RCAC. After applications are collected, a committee selected from Rockingham County will review the proposals. After this review, the Rockingham County Board votes on accepted proposals and organizations are contacted.

Since 1977, the North Carolina Arts Council’s Grassroots Arts Program has provided North Carolina citizens access to quality arts experiences. The program distributes funds for the arts in all 100 counties of the state primarily through partnerships with local arts councils.

Other funding provided through the Rockingham County Arts Council maybe found on the website at (

The Rockingham County Arts Council is the focal point/umbrella organization for the arts and information about the arts in Rockingham County. Our mission is to nurture and enrich the cultural life of Rockingham County. We seek to encourage excellence in the arts and to make fine arts experiences.


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