The Pentons add to Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail in Walhalla, SC


The home of Vanessa and Danny Penton located at 302 South College Street in Walhalla, SC, has joined the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail. The pattern of the quilt is called Grandmother’s Garden and was originally quilted by her Maternal Grandmother and Great Grandmother, Ellen Gunter and Hattie Butler of Birmingham, AL. It was made in the 1960s.


This is an old pattern and a familiar name for rosettes of hexagon patchwork, but the name is much newer than the pattern itself. The design first appeared as ‘hexagon’ or ‘honeycomb’ patchwork in the January 1835 issue of Godey’s Ladies Book, an influential fashion periodical. During the early 20th century, many quilt patterns were renamed to make them sound quaint and ‘colonial.’


Vanessa says, “My grandmother and her mother were both quilters and my grandmother was a wonderful seamstress. She made all my mother’s clothes as she was growing up including beautiful embroidered collars. My mother would tell me she was jealous of her friends’ store bought clothes and they were jealous of hers.”

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