‘We Are Artists for Emanuel’: More Than 90 Charleston Artists Come Together to Raise Funds and Honor Mother Emanuel AME Victims at Cigar Factory in Charleston, SC – Nov. 10 and 11, 2015


Updated News: The Artists for Emanuel online auction went live yesterday morning. In just 24 hours, we’ve raised nearly $24,000 for Coastal Community Foundation’s Lowcountry United Fund. And we’d be honored to receive any additional support you’d be willing to give us to help keep this momentum going!

Artists for Emanuel is a group of more than 90 visual artists from Charleston, SC, who are creating a body of work for display and auction responding to their personal grief to the tragedy at Mother Emanuel AME Church. The auction will benefit the Lowcountry Unity Fund and spark emotional responses for love, community, and unity to honor the families and the fallen. The Lowcountry Unity Fund was formed by the Coastal Community Foundation in response to the tragedy at Mother Emanuel for the purpose of promoting long-term solutions that address systemic issues contributing to racism and economic inequality in African-American communities.

Art is known to heal the soul, and Artists for Emanuel have partnered with The Gibbes Museum of Art for a two-day event that is intended to both aid in the healing process and to raise money. On Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, the public is invited to attend a symposium on “The Art of Healing,”  an ongoing series organized by the Gibbes Museum of Art in partnership with Roper St. Francis and the Joseph J. Schott Foundation. On Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015, more than 90 local artists will come together for “Straight From The Heart,” an exhibition, silent auction, and reception at the Cigar Factory. Exhibiting artists include Betty Anglin Smith, Eva Carter, Fred Jamar, Mark Horton, Rhett Thurman, Raven Roxanne, Kate Long Stevenson, 3D artist Fletcher Williams III, and many, many more, including Artists for Emanuel organizers Marissa Vogl, Susan Colwell, Hilarie Lambert, and Laurie Meyer.

Work by Fletcher Williams III

The “Straight From the Heart” poster features the work of E.B. Lewis, award-winning illustrator and fine artist. In addition to the featured works in the auction, a large number of 8″ x 8″ paintings will hang on a “buy now” wall and sell for $200 each.

We are also delighted to announce that the Colour of Music festival artists (a group of black classical musicians), the Charleston Spiritual Ensemble, and the Charleston Gospel Choir will provide three moving musical interludes during the reception. Art is music, and music is art. Combined, the two will ensure an energetic auction and delightful evening.

Work by Shannon Smith Hughes

Sponsors helping us bring the event to life include: Mitchell Hill and William Means Real Estate.

Event Details:

Tuesday, Nov. 10:

“Straight From The Heart” exhibition hours: 9am to 4pm (“buy now” 8″ x 8″s available for purchase)

Gibbes’ Art of Healing “Hate Wont Win”: 6pm to 8pm / Dr. Jeb Hallett will lead a conversation with contributing artists about their artistic response to the tragic shootings at Mother Emanuel AME Church. Free and open to the public. Space is limited, reservation required. Please RSVP to Amanda Breen at 843/722-2706 x221

Wednesday, Nov. 11:

“Straight From The Heart” exhibition hours: 9am to 4pm (“buy now” 8″ x 8″s available for purchase)

Auction and reception featuring The Colour of Music festival artists: 6pm to 9pm. Free and open to the public. Space is limited; we encourage people to also visit during the open exhibition hours.

Location: Cigar Factory, 701 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC.

Online bidding begins Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015, at 9am EST at (https://bidr.co/events/artistsforemanuel).

Work by Susan Hannaford Colwell

Participating artists include: Raven Wilson, Ann Keane, Fred Jamar, Anne Brownyard, Nance Sneddon, Margaret Petterson, Ron Rocz, Nicholas Napoletano, Amelia Rose Smith, Rhett Thurman, Hilarie Lambert, Shannon Runquist, Mark Kelvin Horton, Janie Ball, Ann Lee Merrill, Jennifer Koach, Susan Mayfield, Cisco Lindsey, Peggy Howe, Dorothy Shain, Kellie Jacobs, Caryn Smith, Fletcher Williams III, Diane Odachowski, Beth Williams, Tami Cardnella, Bonnie Kolmodin, Jean Rounsefell, Barbara Meierhusby, Lese Corrigan, Jennifer Smith Rogers, Christine Crosby, Kate Long Stevenson, Joy Halstead, Jessica Mack, Dee Rhodes, Carla Johannesmeyer, Shannon Smith Hughes, KC Collins, Betty Anglin Smith, Karen Silvestro, Alana Knuff, Regina Beahm, Brian Coleman, Mary Hoffman, Jim Victor, Anna King, Karen Weihs, Bonnie Stabler, Kathy Clark, Dee Beard Dean, Pat Forsberg, Karen Vournakis, Renee Kahn, Jodi Barr, Mary Edna Fraser, Anna Cox, Susan Colwell, Michael Kennedy, Tammy Papa, Victoria Guglielmi, Edward Boudolf, Lu Bentley, Laura Fontaine, Eva Carter, Eleanor Parker, Madeline Dukes, Sally Hughes Smith, Helen S. Warren. Jennifer Black, Rick Reinert, Sheryl Stalnaker, Scott Penegar, Joyce Hall, Lisa Willits, Vicki P Maguire, Jane Hart, Carolyn Epperly, Faye Sullivan, Daryl Knox, Gazie Nagle, Amelia Whaley, Carl Turner, Colleen Wiessmann, Merrie McNair, Susanne Frenzel, Leslie Pratt-Thomas, Charles DeAantonio, Shannon Wood, Christopher Murphy, Laurie Meyer, and Marissa Vogl.


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