Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC, Offers 13th Annual Art Auction – Nov. 5, 2015


The Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC, will offers its 13th Annual Art Auction at Cannon Green, located at 103 Spring Street, in downtown Charleston on Nov. 5, 2015, from 6-10pm.

Tickets can be purchased through our website at ( are $40 for members, and $50 for non-members.

Many Thanks to our Sponsors: Cannon Green, Holy City Brewing, Cathead Vodka, Candlefish, Minette Hand Photography and to the participating Artists!

Redux Studio Artists: 3 Little Beads, Todd Anderson, Marie Carladous, Morgan Cole, Teil Duncan, Chechel Justiss, Alizey Khan, Kevin Krell, Blakely Little, Kate MacNeil, Paula McInerny, Karen Ann Myers, Raven Roxanne, Dorothy Shain, Anna Sims King, Brian Stetson, Jessika Stocker, Kate Waddell, Lulie Wallace, Trever Webster.

Friends of Redux who have pledged a donation: Jack Alterman, Louise Aug, Chambers Austelle, Becca Barnet, Gregg Lambton-Carr, Lese Corrigan, Yvette Dede, Matthew Dietz, Dos Bandidos, Nathan Durfee, Tom Durham, Linda Fantuzzo, Juliana Harless, Michael Hayes, Alan Jackson, Erik Johnson, Caroline Knopf, Sandy Logan, Hirona Matsuda, Kirsten Moran, Karin Olah, Greg Hart, Lynne Riding, Kristi Ryba, Lisa Shimko, Eileen Fitzgerald Smith, Anna Mossman Smoak, Mark Stetler, Brian Stetson, Katie & Joseph Thompson, Sophie Treppendahl, Alex Waggoner, Mary Walker, and more to come!

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! So come out, fellowship, and support your local arts community!

For further info visit (


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