Stanly Arts Guild in Albemarle, NC, Offers a Presentation by Mike Mullins and Travis Furr at Falling Rivers Gallery – Feb. 4, 2016


Mike Mullins and Travis Furr will present an interesting program showing us how they create art out of scrap metal at the next monthly meeting of the Stanly Arts Guild at the Falling Rivers Gallery in Albemarle, NC, on Thursday evening, Feb. 4, 2016, beginning at 6:30pm.

Mike and son Travis started late 2013 with small welding repairs for themselves but the act of melting metal together never lasted. They started practicing with a variety of scrap metals to build things that are often much harder than typical welding projects. The variance of coatings, thickneses, and heat treatments can add to the difficulty level as opposed to building a trailer from all milled steel, as an example.

Work by Mike Mullins and Travis Furr

Their metal pieces usually start with a lone item that catches the mind’s eye and open them up to finding the appropriate parts to complete the vision. They have gathered about 10 tons of discarded metal from industry, agriculture and everyday life to help find the perfect item they have in mind. They are not limited to any type of metal: stainless steel, steel, bronze, brass and copper are all in play when they are hunting. Once they have enough parts to get started, there is torching , plasma cutting, welding and lots of grinder work. Every completed piece has gone through hours of adapting itself, which makes the initial ideal just a faint thought by the time it is finished.

Mike and Travis plan to continue building functional pieces as well as pieces purely for the aesthetics that only interesting metal combinations can achieve.

We gather for a few minutes of socializing and a brief business meeting and the demonstration begins at 7pm.

As with all of our meetings this demonstration is open to the public.

Falling Rivers Gallery is located at 119 W. Main St. in downtown Albemarle.

You can call the Gallery with questions at 704/983-4278.


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