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Museum & Gallery at Heritage Green in Greenville, SC, Receives Nazi-Looted Painting on Loan

February 29, 2016


A Nazi-looted painting, significant for its role in art restitution history, is now on display at the Museum & Gallery at Heritage Green in Greenville, SC, until June 5, 2016.

Titled “Madonna and Child in a Landscape,” the painting belongs to the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) and is being loaned to M&G at Heritage Green as part of the exhibition “The Art of Sleuthing.” The piece was painted by the world-renowned German Renaissance artist, Lucas Cranach the Elder. M&G director, Erin Jones said “We are very excited to have the opportunity to share not only a beautiful example of Cranach’s brush, but a painting that has a powerful, inspiring story to tell.”


John Coffey, deputy director for art and curator of American and Modern Art at NCMA, shared the painting’s history with M&G for the exhibition’s feature on Nazi-looted art. According to Coffey, the painting came to NCMA in 1984 at the death of Mrs. Marianne Khuner, a Jewish WWII refugee and art collector. As is often the case with Old Master paintings, it came with little to no paperwork detailing its ownership history. (Listen to talk Coffey about this painting and story at (

In 1999, the World Jewish Congress, representing the Hainisch sisters living in Vienna, sent a letter to NCMA stating that the Nazis had stolen this Cranach from the Hainisch’s great-uncle, Philip von Gomperz. They believed it had been in the possession of the Nazi Governor of Vienna, Baldur von Schirach, a close associate of both Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering.

“This letter from the World Jewish Congress was sort of a clarion call for us,” said Coffey. “It was the first instance where an object in our collection had been challenged as having being stolen by the Nazis.”

Coffey described how tenacious research the letter sparked on the part of NCMA to determine whether or not their Cranach was indeed the same painting stolen from von Gomperz. This extensive research was necessary because Cranach had painted multiple versions of “Madonna and Child.”

The moment of truth came when a photograph of von Gomperz’s Cranach was discovered and a detailed comparison revealed that NCMA’s work was the same one.  On the basis of this clear evidence, NCMA returned the painting to the sisters. Unlike many museum predecessors, NCMA did not take the matter to court. Instead, they expressed interest in purchasing the Cranach from the Hainischs so that it might become a permanent part of the NCMA collection.

In gratitude for the unusually gracious manner in which NCMA restituted the painting, the sisters sold the painting to NCMA at half of its estimated value. The painting now serves as an illustration both of cultural injustice and amicable art restitution.

Jones said that the timing of this loan is also significant. In a certain sense, the coming of the restituted Cranach is a celebration of cultural justice. “We specifically negotiated to have the Cranach displayed during this month because March is the month that Hermann Goering went to trial at Nuremberg,” said Jones.

Goering was the Nazi general largely responsible for the extensive art looting that took place across Europe during WWII. Thousands of families, many of whom were Jewish, were stripped of their family heirlooms to satisfy Nazi greed. Many of these heirlooms hung on the walls of the homes and office of the Nazi elite, including Goering’s. At his Nuremberg trial, Goering was convicted for multiple crimes against humanity and sentenced to death. He committed suicide before his execution.

“Madonna and Child in a Landscape” will be on display at M&G at Heritage Green beginning Tuesday March 1, and will be on loan through June 5, 2016. The Museum & Gallery at Heritage Green is open 10am-5pm, Tuesday-Saturday and 2-5pm on Sunday.

For more information about the artwork’s story can be found at ( For further info about M&G call 864/242-5100, Ext. 1050 or visit (

Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center in Asheville, NC, Calls for Papers and Proposals – Deadline June 30, 2016

February 29, 2016

Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center (BMCM+AC) is issuing a call for papers and proposals for the 8th Annual ReVIEWING Black Mountain College conference, hosted and sponsored by BMCM+AC and UNC Asheville on Sept. 23-25, 2016. The call welcomes any theme related to Black Mountain College, with optional special topics: “The Painters of Black Mountain College” and “Democracy and the Liberal Arts”. All disciplines are welcome, including papers, performances, panels, and workshops.

The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2016.

For information about submitting a proposal, contact Alice Sebrell by e-mail at ( or call 828/350-8484.

The keynote speaker this year will be Helen Molesworth, Chief Curator at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. From 2010 to 2014 she served as Chief Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston, where she organized “Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933 – 1957” with Associate Curator, Ruth Erickson.

ReVIEWING Black Mountain College is an annual conference that preserves the legacy of Black Mountain College and explores the work of contemporary scholars who bring new insights into the college’s short life. In previous years presenters have examined special topics such as “The Writers of Black Mountain College”,  “Bauhaus + USA”, “Buckminster Fuller’s Legacy”, and “Shaping Craft + Design”. While the ReVIEWING conference welcomes proposals on any themes related to Black Mountain College, this year’s special topics will be “The Painters of Black Mountain College” and “Democracy and the Liberal Arts”. The keynote speaker, Helen Molesworth, will share insights from her research for the exhibition and corresponding publication Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933-1957, on view last fall at the Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston and now at the Hammer Museum at UCLA.

Last year, ReVIEWING Black Mountain College 7 featured over 50 cross-disciplinary presenters from around the country as well as Ireland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Germany, and Austria. ReVIEWING Black Mountain College 8 invites scholars and artists to build upon the conference’s strong and diverse foundation.

The deadline for proposals is June 30, 2016.

For information please contact Alice Sebrell by e-mail at ( or call 828/350-8484.

Spartanburg Art Museum in Spartanburg, SC, to Participate in Accreditation Academy

February 28, 2016


Spartanburg Art Museum (SAM), in Spartanburg, SC, has been selected as one of 10 museums from across the country to participate in the Small Museum Accreditation Academy. This is a new initiative funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and assisted by an advisory panel of leaders in the museum field. It is a year-long readiness program to make the Alliance’s accreditation process more accessible to smaller institutions. At the end of the program, the participating museums will emerge with a stronger culture of excellence and be poised to apply for accreditation. Joseph Klem from the American Alliance of Museums writes: “The Academy is designed for high-performing organizations with five or fewer staff members who are striving to meet best practices and achieve accreditation.”

Spartanburg Art Museum has been working hard to re-position itself as a vital component within the cultural landscape of Spartanburg and beyond. Two years ago, Elizabeth Goddard was hired as the Executive Director, and since that time the museum has undergone significant transformation. “When I began there was a palpable risk of failure from a financial, governance, and programmatic perspective. The first year was spent finding the ground and rebuilding an organization that had minimal members, lackluster exhibitions, and weak programs for an increasingly diverse community,” Goddard said. “It is inspiring to see how far we have come.  Knowing that the Board of Directors is as committed as I am to become the destination for contemporary visual art in the Southeast keeps the wind in our sail as we continue to improve, strengthens and build our capacity to serve the community in relevant and meaningful ways.”

Last spring, SAM completed the American Alliance of Museums Assessment Program, which involved months of reflection about everything from finances, collections, governance, and programming. Todd Smith, the professional peer reviewer who spent a few days with the museum staff and Board of Directors last March, commented in his final report: “There is a renewed energy that surrounds the organization, an energy if well harnessed can be transformative for the museum.” SAM also graduated from the Healthy Organization Institute in 2015. A local education program developed by Spartanburg County Foundation, Spartanburg Regional Foundation, and Mary Black Foundation was designed for Executive Directors and Board Presidents to attend together and put a microscope over all aspects of daily and long-term operations.  “These experiences of rebuilding our infrastructure and truly understanding every aspect of the museum’s operations were invaluable for us to move forward,” SAM’s Board President George Nixon said. “SAM completed a strategic plan last spring, and we are energized to become a contemporary cultural leader in the region, serving our community in new and dynamic ways. We are also proud that our Executive Director was named Museum Educator of the Year recently by the South Carolina Arts Educator Association, which demonstrates her professional and personal commitment to education, which is a vital component of our mission.”

The Academy will involve the staff and members of the board as they move through a year-long process of preparation that includes, strengthening core documents, designing an emergency preparedness plan, finalizing a code of ethics, and collections management policies. All of these components are necessary for the accreditation process and signal SAM’s commitment to standards of excellence on a national scale. “Our size does not minimize our dedication to adhering to best practices put forth by the American Alliance of Museums,” Goddard said. “We are thrilled to be accepted into this vital program and look forward to getting started.”

For further information contact Elizabeth Goddard, Executive Director, Spartanburg Art Museum, 220 E. Saint John Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina 29306, call 864/582-7616 x 236 or e-mail to (

GreenHill in Greensboro, NC, Offers Artists Opportunity to Review Their Art Mar. 12, 2016 – Deadline Mar. 5, 2016

February 28, 2016


The Open NC Art Review will take place at GreenHill in downtown Greensboro, NC, on Mar. 12, 2016, from 2 – 4pm.

Application deadline is Mar. 5, 2016.

Discuss Your Work | Gain Exposure | Network with other NC Artists

Present 15 images of your artwork during a 5 minutes slideshow and get feedback from GreenHill Director of Curatorial & Artistic Programs Edie Carpenter and other arts professionals.

To register and submit images, visit this link (

Ag+Art Tour of Lancaster County, SC, is Seeking Artisans for June 2016 Annual Event – Deadline Mar. 21, 2016

February 28, 2016


The Ag+Art Tour of Lancaster County, SC, is now accepting applications from artisans who are interested in participating. Artists are featured free of charge at agricultural locations that have applied to be part of the 2016 self-guided farm tour. Hours of the tour are 9am until 5pm on Saturday, June 10, 2016, and 1-5pm on Sunday, June 11, 2016. Lancaster County is one of nine counties that make up the SC Ag+Art Tour, the nation’s largest free farm tour. Artists can find information and apply at (

The direct link to the Lancaster County Artisan Application is: (

When applying for desired locations, please note the Lancaster County Farmers Market will be open for the tour on June 10th only and The Ivy Place will be open for June 12th only.

The deadline to be included in the printed passport guide is 3/21/2016.

Artisans can sign-up after this date but will only be included on the website. Artisans contact for Ag+Art Tour of Lancaster County is Lancaster County Council of the Arts at 803/285-7451 or e-mail to (

For general information on Ag+Art Tour of Lancaster County, please e-mail to ( or call 803/289-1492.

Art League of Henderson County in Hendersonville, NC, Offers Lecture by Nancy Smeltzer at Next Meeting – Mar. 13, 2016

February 28, 2016


Life used to be so simple for artists. You learned the skills in your media, you photographed your work (or paid somebody to do it), you entered your slides, and you waited for a yes or no as to your entry into the show or exhibition. Sigh! The good old days. Life quickly changed to entries being submitted on CDs which lasted for a few years, but now there’s the mystery of the illusive .jpegs to contend with.

For younger generations, updating technology every year or so is just the way things are done. They keep plugging along and aren’t afraid to push buttons, play with sliders, or ask their friends until things work. Seniors, however, came along when TVs were a technological miracle, so the use of digital cameras, taking pictures with them, downloading photos onto computers, and converting them into those necessary .jpegs that selection committees want for entrance into shows leave many seniors looking like deer caught in the headlights. There are many very qualified senior artists who don’t even  try to submit their work because they feel stymied by technology.

To that end, the Art League of Henderson County is doing a presentation at 2pm on Mar. 13, 2016, on the rudiments of Picasa, a free photo editing software program from Google, and PhotoShop Elements, an inexpensive photo editing software program. The presentation will be given by Nancy Smeltzer, Co-Chair for Publicity for the organization. She has used PhotoShop E for at least 10 years and taught middle school for 27 years, so she is quite patient in her approach to presentations. “The only questions that are dumb are the ones that you don’t ask” Smeltzer says, “and everybody has to start somewhere. Just remember that those kids that make you feel dumb with their knowledge of technology needed a lot of patience when they had to be taught to be toilet trained!” Her down-to-earth approach will carry over into the afternoon’s presentation, and the attendees will come away knowing more than they knew when they started. After that, it takes practice time sitting in front of the computer.

The Art League of Henderson County, NC, is open to all who are interested in fine art. The organization meets monthly on the second Sunday of each month (3rd Sunday in May), at Opportunity House, 1411 Asheville Highway, Hendersonville, NC. (ample on-site parking; handicapped accessible) The social time begins at 1:30pm, with a short business meeting beginning at 2pm. The photo software editing program begins at 2:30pm. The meeting is open to the public, and we’d love to see you there.

Questions about presentation? Call Nancy Smeltzer at 828/513-1024.

Call for Photographers to Participate in 2016 “Southern Exposure: A Photographic Arts Show” in Wilmington, NC – Deadline Mar. 11, 2016

February 28, 2016

Brooklyn Arts Center at St. Andrews and Kelly Starbuck Photography, in Wilmington NC, are thrilled to announce “Southern Exposure: A Photographic Arts Show” on Sunday, May 15, 2016. We are seeking creative and innovative photographers to display and sell their beautiful work in our church. We invite photographic artists to submit an application to be considered for this benchmark event in the photo and arts community of Wilmington, NC!

Application deadline is Mar. 11, 2016.

To participate in the show, fill out our online application found at this link (

The “Southern Exposure: A Photographic Arts Show” presented by Kelly Starbuck Photography at the Brooklyn Arts Center will take place Sunday,  May 15, 2016, from noon-6pm.

The Brooklyn Arts Center is located at 516 North 4th Street in Wilmington, NC, 28401.

Show URL:  (

The Brooklyn Arts Center has partnered with Kelly Starbuck Photography to create and present what we fully intend to be the coolest photographic arts show in the Southeast.

Kelly Starbuck Photography offers a wide range of photo services from commercial photography to portraiture and curatorial services for photo events. Starbuck made her mark in the Wilmington art community by curating fine art photography shows at her gallery, SALT Studio Photography, in the Brooklyn Arts District. Starbuck’s gallery featured national and local photographers during the Fourth Friday Gallery night openings from 2013 through 2015.

Local sponsors for the event are: Southeastern Camera, Frame Masters and Canvas Giclee Printing!

Appalachian Pastel Society Offers Program with Ron Laboray in Mills River, NC – Mar. 12, 2016

February 27, 2016


The Appalachian Pastel Society (APS) will hold its monthly meeting om Mar. 12, 2016, from 10am-noon, at the Grace Community Church, located at 495 Cardinal Road in Mills River, NC.

During the meeting, guest speaker, Ron Laboray will present, “Curating and Artistic Public Engagement”. Laboray will discuss aspects of jurying public exhibitions. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions about curating, submitting to exhibitions and how to approach a studio practice and strengthen an artist statement. Laboray is the Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at Western Carolina University’s School of Art and Design.

For further information contact Cathyann Burgess, Program Chair by calling 828/595-9518, e-mail to ( or visit (

Artist Sherry O’Neill Presents a Demonstration at the Monthly Meeting of Matthews Artists Guild (MAG) – Mar. 8, 2016

February 27, 2016


Artist Sherry O’Neill will present “De-Mystifying the Process of Creating an Abstract Painting” at the next meeting of MAG, held on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 6:30pm in the McDowell Arts Center (MAC) at 123 E. McDowell St. in Matthews, NC.

In her demonstration, O’Neill will give you a look inside her process – how a simple exercise will activate the right, creative side of the brain and free you from that inertia that prevents you from loosening up and having fun.

6pm – View current show in the MAC Gallery upstairs
6:30pm – Refreshments downstairs at the MAC
6:50pm – “Another Tidbit” of info from one of our artist members
7pm – Demonstration by artist Sherry O’Neill

The Matthews Artists Guild meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings are free and open to the public.

For more information, call the McDowell Arts Center at 704/321-7275 or follow MAG on Facebook at (

CERF+ Craft Emergency Relief Fund to Receive Award of Distinction from The American Craft Council

February 27, 2016


This month when The American Craft Council (ACC) announced the recipients of its 2016 awards, CERF+ was among them. The ACC selected CERF+ to receive its 2016 Award of Distinction which recognizes an individual, organization, or institution that has made significant contributions to the field over a minimum of 25 years.

Presented biennially, the ACC Awards honor outstanding artistic and scholarly achievement, leadership, and service in the field of craft. The 2016 ACC Awards gala will take place on October 14 in conjunction with “Present Tense,” the ACC’s 12th national conference in Omaha, NE.

The 2016 recipients will also be featured in the Oct./Nov. issue of “American Craft” magazine and in videos on Read more about all the award winners at this link (

CERF+ is a national artists’ service organization whose mission is to safeguard and sustain the careers of artists working in craft disciplines and provide emergency resources that benefit all artists. CERF+ accomplishes its mission through these programs and initiatives:

* Emergency Relief
* Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Resources
* Emergency Preparedness Educational Programs
* Artist Preparedness Campaign
* National Coalition for Arts Preparedness & Emergency Response
* Research on the Needs & Status of Working Artists

For further information call 802/229-2306, e-mail to ( or visit (