Harrisburg ARTwalk Takes Place in Harrisburg, NC – Apr. 16, 2016

On Apr. 16, 2016, from 10am until 4pm (new extended hours) at the Harrisburg Town Center, 1400 Main Street, Harrisburg, NC. The art centered event is open to the public for FREE. Over 100+ Artists of various mediums from acrylic, watercolor, oils, illustrations, graphics, textiles of wearable – jewelry, clothing, accessories to woodwork, metal work, glass and pottery -unique creations of mix medium and even culinary.

Live music and entertainment from local artists.
Music by Living Faith Worship, Unknown Neighbor, HC Oakes and Amy Harrison.
Performance by Dance Fusion and more!

Our Mission.
Three years ago, Teresa Stern the Founder/Volunteer created this event in hopes to provide help with the Harrisburg Town Center economy, to draw more community involvement and to help support the arts within our schools, plus providing an Art Scholarship to a local student to help continue their education in the Arts.

At first it started with 10 vendors. It is now at over 100 artists of all different mediums and all ages. Youngest 11 yr. old – Encouraging the youth to get involved with this event and rub elbows with the more seasoned artists for experience and pointers. This event has raised $1,000 for an Art Scholarship. In 2015, the first scholarship was given to Riley Smith, Senior at Hickory Ridge High School who is attending UNCC/Greensboro for Media/Fine Arts.

We are in hopes to give that same amount if not more, says Teresa Stern/Founder. This event is to build awareness for the need to keep the arts in our schools and to promote the arts within our community – bringing families & friends & communities all over to come together…one event at a time!

For more information to support this event, e-mail Teresa Stern or Terri Bedwell at (artwalkintheburg@gmail.com) or follow us on facebook at (www.facebook.com/harrisburgartwalk).

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