Barn Quilt from Landrum, SC, Selected to Represent South Carolina in Quilt Barn Book

Artwork on a Landrum, SC, property is featured in the newly released book “Following the Barn Quilt Trail,” by Suzi Parron, which highlights barn quilts from across the U.S.


The building, which features a pattern titled “Bow Tie,” is home to the dental office of Paul Walters. The design was chosen to represent South Carolina in the new American Quilt Trail Redwork Kit by historic needlework designer The Posy Collection.

Barn quilts from 13 states were selected for the redwork mini-ornament kit, which features embroidery that uses red floss on muslin fabric. This historic needlework technique is known to be simple and fast to complete.

Posy Lough, owner of the Posy Collection, explained that barn quilts are colorful quilt patterns painted on panels and hung on barns or buildings that capture the spirit of American quilting and local heritage.

“We spent two years traveling cross-country interviewing barn quilt owners,” Parron said. “The book takes the reader on that journey across rural America to visit the folks whose stories inspired me.”

“We took some of the most iconic quilt squares and put them together in a kit for quilt lovers and stitchers to enjoy,” Lough said.

In addition to being a work of art, each barn quilt tells a story unique to its owner or property. Walters chose the bow tie pattern because he has a quilt with the same pattern, made for him as a child by an elderly neighbor.

Donna Sue Groves originally conceived the barn quilt trail concept in 2001. She worked with her Ohio community to create the first quilt trail to honor her mother, thus inspiring a movement. Now, thousands of barns across the United States feature quilt patterns.

Lough and Parron worked together to choose the patterns and interpret them for the redwork design. Kits may be purchased at (


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