Haywood County Arts Council (HCAC) is expanding beyond Waynesville, NC’s City Limits to Include the Artists and Creative Workers in Haywood County, NC

As of July 1, 2019, the Waynesville Gallery Association became the Galleries of Haywood County (GHC) under the umbrella of HCAC. Leigh Forrester, the Director of HCAC, is very excited about this cooperative initiative for “it is county-wide and not restricted to Waynesville’s city limits and all the galleries in Haywood County are invited to be a part of this new and exciting endeavor. The participation of as many county–wide galleries as possible will serve to give greater voice to our talented artists and enrich our county.”

Colleen and Jim Davis, of the Jeweler’s Workbench, see that the Galleries of Haywood County will “pool resources because HCAC’s non-profit status will enable grant funding for the GHC.” According to Colleen, “our reputation and our market are national but our talent is local.”

Richard Baker of the Balsam Ridge Gallery sees great opportunity for cooperation in the GHC. “Artists are not always associated,” he reveals, “but we are all looking for community.” Baker is keenly aware of the need for “fellowship in creative work.” Like his wonderful landscapes, Richard sees the wonders of our county and knows how much artists contribute to the economy of the county.

The Galleries of Haywood County now include Balsam Ridge Gallery, Cedar Hill Studio, Haywood County Arts Council Gallery, Moose Crossing Burl Wood Gallery, The Jeweler’s Workbench, TPennington Art Gallery, and Twigs and Leaves Gallery. Membership is open to every gallery in the county and benefits include marketing promotions and web site visibility.

The arts are thriving in or area and making major contributions to our economy. The umbrella of the Haywood County Arts Council will help artists further their work and grow their business. What is very clear is that the Galleries of Haywood County offers mutual support, increased commerce, and expanded opportunities for all involved.

For further information call the Arts Council at 828/452-0593 or visit (www.Haywoodarts.org).

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