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Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, Offers Free Admission for Community Day – Mar. 12, 2016

March 8, 2016


The Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, is offering free admission for Community Day on Saturday, Mar. 12, 2016, at both the Wade Hampton and Heritage Green locations in conjunction with the Smithsonian Museum Day.

Community Day is one of several events throughout the year that gives visitors the chance to enjoy a glimpse of M&G’s extensive collection of European Old Master paintings and antiquities at no cost. “We hope Community Day will encourage our neighbors in the SC Upstate to visit one or both M&G locations! The collection is meant for everyone to enjoy and benefit from; you don’t have to be an art lover to visit—just bring your curiosity,” said Erin Jones, M&G director.

Families can start their day exploring “The Art of Sleuthing” exhibition at Heritage Green beginning at 10 a.m. Fakes and forgeries will fascinate adults while children have fun completing a scavenger hunt, hands-on activities, and crime solving.

Guests will especially appreciate a rare glimpse at a Vermeer forgery on loan from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Another highlight of the exhibit focuses on Nazi-looted art and includes a loan from the North Carolina Museum of Art that was restituted to its rightful owners.

After touring “The Art of Sleuthing,” families can make their way over to M&G’s main location on the campus of Bob Jones University, open from 2-5pm. There they have the opportunity to stroll through 30 galleries of European art and artifacts, seeing an Italian Baroque collection that has been ranked with that of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Art.

Many of the paintings guests will see on display have traveled to prominent museums around the world. M&G’s “Head of Christ” from the school of the famous artist Rembrandt van Rijn was included in an exhibit at the Louvre in 2011. In January 2016, “Solomon’s Prayer for Wisdom” returned from an exhibition in Germany.

The main M&G location also offers scavenger hunts and a learning center where children can get a feel for daily life in ancient Rome. Children receive a prize in the Gift Shop on the completion of their scavenger hunt.

“From the child being introduced to the basics of art and design to the established art connoisseur, M&G has something to offer everyone,” said Jones. “We count it a privilege to share this unique and special collection with the Greenville community and beyond.”

M&G at Bob Jones University is open Tuesday-Sunday from 2-5pm. M&G at Heritage Green is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am-5pm. Regular admission is $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and $3 for seniors. Children 12 and under are free.


Museum & Gallery at Heritage Green in Greenville, SC, Receives Nazi-Looted Painting on Loan

February 29, 2016


A Nazi-looted painting, significant for its role in art restitution history, is now on display at the Museum & Gallery at Heritage Green in Greenville, SC, until June 5, 2016.

Titled “Madonna and Child in a Landscape,” the painting belongs to the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) and is being loaned to M&G at Heritage Green as part of the exhibition “The Art of Sleuthing.” The piece was painted by the world-renowned German Renaissance artist, Lucas Cranach the Elder. M&G director, Erin Jones said “We are very excited to have the opportunity to share not only a beautiful example of Cranach’s brush, but a painting that has a powerful, inspiring story to tell.”


John Coffey, deputy director for art and curator of American and Modern Art at NCMA, shared the painting’s history with M&G for the exhibition’s feature on Nazi-looted art. According to Coffey, the painting came to NCMA in 1984 at the death of Mrs. Marianne Khuner, a Jewish WWII refugee and art collector. As is often the case with Old Master paintings, it came with little to no paperwork detailing its ownership history. (Listen to talk Coffey about this painting and story at (

In 1999, the World Jewish Congress, representing the Hainisch sisters living in Vienna, sent a letter to NCMA stating that the Nazis had stolen this Cranach from the Hainisch’s great-uncle, Philip von Gomperz. They believed it had been in the possession of the Nazi Governor of Vienna, Baldur von Schirach, a close associate of both Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering.

“This letter from the World Jewish Congress was sort of a clarion call for us,” said Coffey. “It was the first instance where an object in our collection had been challenged as having being stolen by the Nazis.”

Coffey described how tenacious research the letter sparked on the part of NCMA to determine whether or not their Cranach was indeed the same painting stolen from von Gomperz. This extensive research was necessary because Cranach had painted multiple versions of “Madonna and Child.”

The moment of truth came when a photograph of von Gomperz’s Cranach was discovered and a detailed comparison revealed that NCMA’s work was the same one.  On the basis of this clear evidence, NCMA returned the painting to the sisters. Unlike many museum predecessors, NCMA did not take the matter to court. Instead, they expressed interest in purchasing the Cranach from the Hainischs so that it might become a permanent part of the NCMA collection.

In gratitude for the unusually gracious manner in which NCMA restituted the painting, the sisters sold the painting to NCMA at half of its estimated value. The painting now serves as an illustration both of cultural injustice and amicable art restitution.

Jones said that the timing of this loan is also significant. In a certain sense, the coming of the restituted Cranach is a celebration of cultural justice. “We specifically negotiated to have the Cranach displayed during this month because March is the month that Hermann Goering went to trial at Nuremberg,” said Jones.

Goering was the Nazi general largely responsible for the extensive art looting that took place across Europe during WWII. Thousands of families, many of whom were Jewish, were stripped of their family heirlooms to satisfy Nazi greed. Many of these heirlooms hung on the walls of the homes and office of the Nazi elite, including Goering’s. At his Nuremberg trial, Goering was convicted for multiple crimes against humanity and sentenced to death. He committed suicide before his execution.

“Madonna and Child in a Landscape” will be on display at M&G at Heritage Green beginning Tuesday March 1, and will be on loan through June 5, 2016. The Museum & Gallery at Heritage Green is open 10am-5pm, Tuesday-Saturday and 2-5pm on Sunday.

For more information about the artwork’s story can be found at ( For further info about M&G call 864/242-5100, Ext. 1050 or visit (

Kate Landishaw of Greenville, SC, Selected Finalist for Bold Brush Painting Contest

January 31, 2016

Artist Kate Landishaw of Greenville, SC, has won the honor of Finalist in the online Bold Brush painting contest for Dec. 2015. The competition is sponsored by FASO (


Artist Eric Bowman selected the Landishaw work, “Champagne Lagoon” for the award, which includes an upcoming feature article in the online magazine, ( This artwork was most recently seen in the Pickens County Art Museum’s 2015 juried exhibition.

Landishaw works at White Whale Studios, in Greenville’s West End. To see more images, visit her website at (

Greenville County Museum of Art in Greenville, SC, Offers Tour of William Halsey Exhibit – Dec. 17, 2015

December 11, 2015

The Greenville County Museum of Art in Greenville, SC, will offer a tour of the exhibit, “William Halsey: Full Fathom Flotsam”, on view at the Museum from Dec. 9 through Feb. 14, 2016, on Dec. 17, 2015, at 11am.

Work by William Halsey

Meet in front of The Salon near the front door at 11am and join us for a free tour of “William Halsey: Full Fathom Flotsam”. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve deeper into these colorful and expressive works that will have you looking at Charleston in a whole new way.

Inspired by his native Charleston’s timeworn and weathered buildings, noted artist and educator William Halsey replicated the centuries-old façades by sculpting discarded fragments variously into elegantly sparse bas reliefs encrusted with layers of paint and debris, making his most advanced contributions to late 20th-century American art. “William Halsey: Full Fathom Flotsam”, conceived in honor of the centennial of the artist’s birth year, brings together the largest group of Halsey’s assemblages ever exhibited.

The GCMA has produced a catalog to accompany this exhibition; this hardcover book is available in The Salon, a gift shop unlike any other.

For further info call the Museum at 864/271-7570 or visit (

Greenville Center for Creative Arts is Calling for Artists to Participate in the Themed Art Exhibition “Unseen Greenville” – Deadline Nov. 13, 2015

November 10, 2015


Greenville Center for Creative Arts, located at 25 Draper Street Greenville, SC, is calling for artists to participate in the themed art exhibition “Unseen Greenville”.

Early in the month of June the “Greenville News” and sponsor PNC Bank invited the residents of Greenville County to begin a conversation about the parts of the city that are often unnoticed by many of us as we go about our busy lives. The idea was to move forward “as one community in which everyone shares in the spectacular success that surrounds us in Greenville County”. How can Greenville address the needs of and make opportunities available to all people who live here?

Greenville Center for Creative Arts is a community art center whose mission is to be a place for all citizens  to learn about, participate in and enjoy the visual arts.  It is fitting that GCCA find ways for the arts to play a role in this dialog.

Artists selected will exhibit their artworks from Dec. 4, 2015, through Jan. 29, 2016, with a opening reception on Friday, Dec. 4, 2015, from 6-9pm. Juror and awards to be announced.

A closing reception and discussion will be held on Jan. 22, 2016, from 5:30-7:30pm.

To apply, please complete an “Unseen Greenville” Art Exhibition Application at ( no later than the Deadline:  Friday, Nov. 13, 2015.

For further information visit (

Greenville Center for Creative Arts in Greenville, SC, Offers Lecture and Demo with Anthony Conway – Oct. 10 and 11, 2015

October 9, 2015


Greenville Center for Creative Arts in Greenville, SC, will offer a lecture and demo by Anthony Conway. Conway is one of the artists featured in the exhibition, “Making Faces: 11 Artists Interpret the Portrait,” on view in the GCCA Gallery through Nov. 20, 2015, featuring works by Cassia Abbott, Allison Anne Brown, Polly Galliard, Kevin Isgett, Dabney Mahanes, Glen Miller, JJ Ohlinger, Adam Schrimmer, Tim Speaker, and Eli Warren.


10/10 Saturday: 2 to 3pm

Don’t miss the chance to learn about the Process of Commissioning a Portrait — One hour lecture this weekend, Saturday, October 10, 2015, at 2pm by Anthony Conway at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts, located at 25 Draper Street, Greenville, SC.


10/11 Sunday: 2 to 4pm

Learn how to use four colors to create beautiful portraits and see the creation of a portrait study in oil from a live model. This will be a fun and educational 2-hour demonstration by Anthony Conway at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts.

Anthony Conway – American realist painter, known for his figurative works on sports subjects, and his contemporary vision of American life. He is regarded as one of the early initiators of the contemporary classical art revival, although he rejects the stringent exactitude in depicting subjects adopted by many of his contemporaries.

For further information call the Center at 864/735-3948 or visit (

Museum and Gallery in Greenville, SC, Hosts Annual Appraisal Event and Participates in Smithsonian’s Museum Day Live! – Sept. 26, 2015

September 13, 2015


Any fans of the “Antique Road Show” will enjoy getting a taste of local and live antique appraisals at the Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery’s 16th annual Collectible or Curiosity? event on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015, from 9am to 5pm. From now up through the event day, those interested in receiving a verbal appraisal on their antiques can register up to three items.

“We have had some interesting items come through over the years,” said Amy Basinger, events & marketing coordinator for M&G. “You never know what you are going to see; we have had everything from a Tiffany fork that had belonged to a Titanic survivor to a set of dueling pistols from the War of 1812.”


Appraisals are available for general antiques, fine art, pottery, china, porcelain, silver, jewelry and books. Stations with regional experts will be set up throughout the M&G galleries according to appraisal specialty.

— Dawn Corley, “The Charleston Silver Lady”: silver, jewelry, porcelain and china
—Stan Shelley, owner of Shelley’s Jewelry and Auction Gallery: books and general antiques
—Joette Humphrey, auction manager at Shelley’s Auction Gallery.: general antiques
—Laura Crocket, fine arts specialist at Brunk Auctions in Asheville, NC: fine art

In addition to their appraisal, registered guests receive free admission to explore the 30 galleries of European Old Master paintings housed at M&G. Those who make their appointment before Sept. 23 receive a discount off the regular price of $18 per item.

To schedule an appraisal appointment, visit ( or call 864/770-1331.

Also on Saturday, Sept. 26, M&G will be participating in Smithsonian magazine’s national Museum Day Live! Guests with a Museum Day Live! ticket receive free admission for up to two people per household to enjoy one of the largest and most interesting collections of European Old Master paintings in the country! Museum Day Live! tickets can be obtained by visiting (

Community Day at Greenville Center for the Creative Arts in Greenville, SC – Aug. 23, 2015

August 12, 2015

The Greenville Center for the Creative Arts (GCCA), a newly launched Greenville, SC-area non-profit dedicated to enriching the local community through art, is rallying area and GCCA artists in support of a beloved fixture in the Village of West Greenville community – acclaimed food truck Ribs ‘N Such.


Less than 4 months old, the GCCA is using one of its first major events to bring its mission statement to life by organizing efforts to use art to directly benefit the surrounding community. In conjunction with a GCCA open house combining demonstrations, food and fun, the GCCA’s August 23, 2015, from 1-5pm, Community Day will gather celebrated artists from the GCCA and Village of West Greenville in support of one of the community’s favorite BBQ restaurants/food trucks, Ribs ‘N Such.

As evidence of the popularity of Ribs ‘N Such with the surrounding community, led by Dumah Morgan and GCCA artists will be joined by artists from the Village of West Greenville to provide James Hester’s food truck with a completely unique and utterly unforgettable hand-drawn paint job. The design will be reflective of signature elements in the Village, his church community and his specialty, Texas style BBQ.

Participating sponsors include: Clinkscales Chevrolet, Dumah Morgan, Devobal, Pinstripers Original, Village Grind, Lily Pottery, Village of West Greenville, Clemson Visual Arts-Greenville, Community Journals, and GCCA.

If you’d like more information about Community Day at GCCA, please call Cherington Shucker, Executive Director at 646/825-1859 or e-mail to (

Bob Jones University’s Museum & Gallery Offers Free Admittance with M&G’s Community Day – Mar. 26, 2015

March 19, 2015


On Thursday, Mar. 26, 2015, to say thank you to the Greenville, SC, Community, the Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University offers patrons and visitors free admission to both museum locations through regular open hours. Open hours for M&G’s Wade Hampton location are from 2–5pm and from 10am–5pm at M&G’s Heritage Green location in downtown Greenville, SC.

“M&G is grateful to be an integral part of our South Carolina communities now more than 60 years,” notes M&G director Erin R. Jones. “We love sharing the Collection with students of all ages as expressed through affordability and accessibility of the educational services, outreaches, and unique exhibitions we offer. Community Day is just one more way of showing our appreciation and letting the Collection be enjoyed by everyone.”


At M&G’s Wade Hampton location on the campus of Bob Jones University, guests will have the opportunity to experience one of America’s finest European Old Master collections—completely free of charge! Featuring 30 galleries full of over 400 paintings, M&G at Bob Jones University offers visitors a unique, expansive view of differing cultures throughout history. In addition, guests can enjoy the new loan exhibition, “The Golden Age of Painting in the Low Countries”—a vivid look at seventeenth-century genre painting in Belgium and the Netherlands. These Dutch artists were known for new and daring themes, some of which included interiors, maritime scenes, and peasant life.  Finally, M&G at Bob Jones University offers a kid’s Easter Scavenger Hunt and self-guided strolling tour, entitled “The Easter Story in Art”, where select masterworks portray specific moments within the Easter narrative.

M&G’s downtown location at the Heritage Green campus will also be open free of charge to all guests. Currently, this location features the acclaimed exhibition “Charles Dickens: The Continuing Victorian Narrative”, which on the first floor recreates the spectrum of nineteenth-century Victorian culture through artifacts and technology—from the issue of the stinking Thames to the elitist Athenaeum Club! On the second floor, patrons of all ages will enjoy the spectacular world of Dickens’ imagination, with diverse vignettes and media presentations of Dickensian characters representing the best and worst of the Victorian era and the challenges and meaningful links to us today.

As we enter this spring season, take advantage of this fantastic offer from M&G—a chance to tour both museum sites completely free of charge!

For more information about M&G’s Community Day, please contact Amy Basinger at 864/770-1331.

Bob Jones University’s M&G Museum in Greenville, SC, Presents Rare Look at the Historic and Rare Benjamin West Collection – Mar. 19, 2015

March 16, 2015


On Thursday evening, Mar. 19, 2015, M&G Curator John Nolan will present a lecture to residents of Greenville, SC, and the Upstate, highlighting the seven monumental paintings by American ex-patriate Benjamin West on display in the War Memorial Chapel at Bob Jones University. As part of M&G’s Art in Focus Series, Nolan’s lecture will trace West’s career from a farm in Pennsylvania to his ascent to the very peak of English artistic society as a painter to the King of England. The lecture is free, open to the general public, and will be hosted from 5:30-6:30pm.

This rare and significant collection in America has a surprising story—both the artist Benjamin West and the paintings, which were part of a planned series (called “Revealed Religion”) commissioned by King George III of Revolutionary War fame, played lead roles in the development of American and English eighteenth-century painting.

“Isaiah’s Lips Anointed with Fire”, Benjamin West, P.R.A. From the Bob Jones University Collection.

Dr. Alfred Scharf, well-known art historian, has exclaimed the historical importance of these works and expressed that “these pictures probably form the most outstanding series of religious paintings in eighteenth-century England.” Nolan will help his audience understand the proper historical context of these amazing historical works, while also highlighting the causes that forced the “Revealed Religion” project to a halt before it could be completed.

Through John Nolan’s lecture, every one attending—no matter their interests or background—will have an exclusive, limited opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of a true and rare American treasure: The “Revealed Religion” series by Benjamin West. Come delve into a rich selection of American and British history!

For directions to location or additional information about upcoming events, tours, and admission prices, contact the Museum & Gallery at 864/770-1331, or check the website at (