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First Thursday on Main in Columbia, SC, Takes Place July 5, 2012, from 6-9pm

June 28, 2012

For details about any of this info contact the Frame of Mind at the contacts at the end of this posting.

Frame of Mind: FOM Series presents “ArchiTography”

Famously Hot or Famously Weird?? July’s rendition of the FOM Series and First Thursdays on Main is asking just that. First, Frame of Mind is presenting a nontraditional art form (Architecture) through the eyes of a traditional art form (Photography). ArchiTography is a merging of the minds between architect, Michael Haigler, and photographer, John Herrel. Their intent is to explore architectural details in macro view; they will celebrate texture, form, shape, and placement in such ways so as to create alternative art and graphic forms. Within this collaboration, the close-up views are intended to extend appreciation beyond their original context of architecture.

Michael Haigler has worked as an architect for over 35 years since graduating from Clemson with an undergraduate degree in Architecture and a Masters Degree from UC Berkeley in California. Currently a licensed architect in both Carolinas, he offers a full range of architectural services from schematic design to construction administration for a variety of project types. His current specialty is custom residential design, including remodels and new construction.

John Herrel is an award winning photographer and one of the first 14 certified professional photographers specializing in Portraits and Weddings in South Carolina. His images capture the essence of real life. With his ever evolving style, he covers the gamut from classic to hyper-reality. John opened Herrel Photography in 2007. His other diverse experiences include: film photographer, Eagle Scout, low handicap golfer, race car driver, skier, wine enthusiast, chemical engineer, corporate business manager and entrepreneur. As a way to give back to his community, John offers a complimentary portrait each month for children in palliative care at the Palmetto Children’s Hospital and selected families in Hospice Care of Tri-County.

So, prepare yourself! July’s First Thursdays on Main welcomes the “weird.” You’ll receive a sneak peak…a preview of next year’s Fringe Fest. The streets will be taken over by a combination of performing and visual arts.  The Columbia Fringe Fest is all about bringing the non-traditional, unexpected, possibly darker, and sometimes “un-PC” side of the arts world to Columbia. The First Annual Fringe Fest is coming next July, but the minds behind the festival have joined with the First Thursday crew to give you a little taste of what you can expect.

Yes: Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse-outside service, Bone-In Artisan Food Truck, 2 Fat 2 Fly Food Truck, KC’s Hotdogs…then right down the street to Paradise Ice for sweet treats!

Performers/Artists Include:
Lyon Hill
Jennifer Stephens Hill
Kimi Meada
Michael Krajewski
Cedric Umoja
Tim MC
Happiness Bomb
Mike Amason
Robin Souls
DJ Deft Key
Columbia Hoops

Anastasia & Friends:  The Eclectic Collector

For the month of July at Anastasia & Friends, we are very excited to host a diverse exhibition of paintings, sculpture and mixed media, with a strong emphasis on South Carolina artists, The Eclectic Collector.

A prominent collector, who has amassed a substantial art collection over the last 30 years, is downsizing from a large home and won’t have room for his entire collection. The show will feature a portion of spectacular original paintings and sculpture from his existing collection by prominent South Carolina artists such as David Yaghian, Rodgers Boykin and Jean McWhorter and work from artists from other parts of the world like Carole Feuerman, Charles Fazzino and Charles Azbell.  This show is going to be a knock out!

The gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information, please contact Anastasia Chernoff at 803 665 6902 or via email at (

S&S Art Supply: The Art of Recovery

S & S Art Supply is proud to present a special exhibition for July’s First Thursday. The Art of Recovery Exhibition organized by the South Carolina Department of Mental Health is a group exhibition of works created by talented people living with mental illnesses. Art and its creative outlets can play a huge role in the recovery process. This exhibition features artwork by people who receive care through SCDMH programs by framing and displaying pieces in the central administration building in downtown Columbia as well as traveling exhibitions throughout the state. This opening reception on July 5th is sponsored by Long’s Pharmacy. For more information about the Art of Recovery Program, go to (

This exhibition is sure to have a huge eclectic mix of colorful and beautiful pictures reflecting the breadth of skill and range of experiences of the individuals who live with mental disorders. Their talent reminds us that they are more than just a diagnosis. This program and its artists will be the direct benefactors of the 2nd Annual Fundraiser & Silent Art Auction being held at S & S Art Supply on Saturday, July 21st. There will be a separate event page and invite for this soon!

The Art of Recovery features competitions open to people receiving services through the department. Winners of the competition, judged by local artists, are initiated into the “Order of the Brush”; some of the program’s outstanding artwork is displayed in galleries and shows.

Mental illnesses are treatable, medical disorders. They are real. But so is recovery.

Tapp’s Art Center:

Atlanta-based figurative oil painter, Lorraine Brennan’s work will hang in the main gallery space at Tapp’s. Her modern scenes of figures invite the viewer to relax, chill, or just bask in the light. Over the last 20 years, Brennan has explored the figure in many environments, and studying the body and the infinite expressions it can display is a passion of Brennan’s. Visit ( for more information about the artist and her work.

Also exhibiting during July’s First Thursday: Fielding Moore, Craig Carlson, Matt Catoe, Lindsay Barnes, Kristyn Larsen, Charles Bristow, Don Zurlo, Rebecca Poland, Jean Johnson and Bill Sander.

We are having a sound installation downstairs in the Fountain Room with the band “Storms of Jupiter” and videos by Jason Stroud.

Workshop Theater will be performing a few numbers from their upcoming “Camp Rock” play.

Wine Down on Main: Leslie Bennett

We are thrilled to have Columbia’s very own Leslie Bennett showing with us for the month of July. In addition to her previous work, she will be showing off her brand new pieces.

Bennett says, “This show represents my body of work as it has evolved over the years, from abstracts and portrait commissions to more recent figurative and landscape paintings. After years of working as a portrait artist, I am attempting to break away from the precision of that type of painting. It is a process, and in many ways a re-teaching of oneself. The most recent works show a (looser) quality, where I am allowing the organic shapes, colors, and textures that develop lead the painting in different directions.”

For more information on Leslie Bennett, please visit our website!

Frame of Mind is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm to 4pm, and is located at 1520 Main Street across from the Art Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.  You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling 803/988-1065 or via e-mail at (


Columbia, SC’s First Thursday On Main Takes Place on June 7, 2012

June 5, 2012

Frame of Mind: FOM Series presents “More Oddities” by Kara Gunter.

The FOM Series is proud to present the unruly, the irregular, the art of discombobulation created by Kara Gunter specifically for this show.

Gunter states, “This body of work deals with confusion, being out of sorts or not in harmony with events and surroundings. Ideas of escape from an overworked mind and obsessive thinking, and of being able to reorganize the body in hopes of forming a new reality for one’s self. The new ‘reality’ which is created is, however, a sort of surreal dream state, in which nothing completely feels right or makes sense – where action is redundant and blind.”

Does this sound familiar? It should; this is month two of Gunter’s show. But this month, we are adding in more of her “odd” art and bringing along Kim Deslandes, as well. The gallery will be brimming over with the oddities that have filled their minds just for our show!

Our world famous, Seattle-based Circus emcee can’t be with us for the June FOM Series, BUT we’re bringing in music, belly dancing, fire eating and spinning, hula hooping, and some more sideshow marvels that are ever the crowd pleasers. The outdoor stage will be a whirl of activity that you don’t want to miss. Get ready to enjoy our guest performers: DJ Deft Key, Robin Souls, Columbia Hoops, Chris Carney, Kendal Turner, and Serpentine Belly Dance!

Anastasia & Friends present “Animal Lyfe” featuring works by Jarid Lyfe Brown.

Work by Jarid Lyfe Brown

For the month of June, Anastasia & Friends is proud to present “Animal Lyfe”, an exhibition of mixed media paintings created by artist Jarid Lyfe Brown. Brown’s anthropomorphic animals are presented as layered, outward interpretations of awkward, hurtful. Sometimes, even angry emotions that have trapped or currently have him trapped. Many of the works possess a sense of automaticism, a subconscious streaming of current thoughts, as he paints while others may have conscious thoughts he has experienced in the form of written phrases or words pertaining to the particular concept integrated within them … a journal of sorts.

Each one of these new, revealing pieces has been created with a highly layered process using oil, latex, spray paint, grease pencil, charcoal and oil bar, always leaving the initial layer exposed, as a form of history, so to speak. Upon closer examination, these remarkable works reveal a multitude of micro-paintings to the viewer.

Malik Whitaker, aka, the world famous DJ Sirius Black, will present an evening as the master of pop, rock, and soul with some auditory art that’ll thrill your ears.

Our beloved Maria Kennedy Mungo will sponsor some of her own savory edible art for you to enjoy as you explore this special exhibition.

“Animal Lyfe” will run from June 7 – 29, 2012. Anastasia & Friends gallery is located inside the Free Times’ building and is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information, contact Anastasia Chernoff at 803/665-6902.

S&S Art Supply offers “Find Me,” featuring paintings by Amy Windland.

S & S Art Supply is happy to feature a solo exhibition of paintings by local artist Amy Windland. Commonly described as whimsical, colorful, and simply lovely, Amy’s paintings transcend time and place, coming from somewhere within – her secret place to and from reality.

“’Find Me’ is a reference to the place I find myself while painting… absolutely lost and loving it”, says the artist. Many of her paintings consistently present a singular tree in a vast open landscape, which separates her from the world, with symbolic roots representing her need to stay grounded, while branches always reaching outwards, showing the expansive connections or limitations within all of us. “Since then I have added the elements of messages traveling from my secret places to and from reality by way of folded papers,” says Windland.

Born in Norfolk, VA, this Army brat grew up traveling mostly around the Southeast coast, continually discovering new landscapes and cultures. Windland also spent some time living in Germany. “My parents made it a big point to load my sister and I up in the car every other weekend or so while living in Europe to go and see somewhere new. Every little town on the map had some piece of history that needed to be explored, and my parents were going to make sure that we got to see it all. I got to travel a large portion of the continent of Europe, and wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.” Windland since then has studied art at the University of South Carolina’s Sumter and Columbia campuses, studying mainly drawing and painting. She has shown in several different capacities: galleries, craft fairs and festivals, state fairs, restaurants, spas, and magazine publications.

Tapp’s Art Center present the exhibit “Pretty Girls”.

Work by Katherine Perry

The second annual show will feature works by over 50 local artists, both male and female, and will display art consisting of individual, philosophical and/or political views on a consumerist view of feminism.

“Pretty Girls” is a mixed-media exhibition including 2-D to 3-D sculpture, interactive art, installation art, and traditional mediums. The opening reception will include a variety of performance art, music, dance and film. This collective showcases through a diversity of ideas their perceptions of consumer and feminist culture. The show will hang through the month of June.

Some of the artists include: Leslie Pierce, Stephen Chesley, Heidi Darr-Hope, Alejandro Garcia Lemos, Thomas Crouch, Kirkland Smith, Cedric Umojo, Claude Buckley, Reba Edwards, Molly Harrell, Merle Fendig, Amanda Ladymon, Anastasia Chernoff, Whitney LeJeune, Lucas Sams, and Jenna Sach.

Wine Down on Main features works by Mark Poole.

We are very excited to be presenting Mark Poole this June! A USC graduate and resident of Lexington, SC, his art has opened the door for extensive travels in America, Europe, Asia and Australia, attending shows, galleries and signings. Poole’s paintings and prints are collected worldwide.

Poole is also a worldwide award winning illustrator for over 20 years. He has illustrated over 1000 cards and conceptual images for various companies including Wizards of the Coasts, “Magic The Gathering,” White Wolfs “Vampire,” FASA’s “Battletech,” Blizzards’s “World of Warcraft,” History Channel, Hasbro, Sony Online Entertainment, Upper Deck, White Wolf, Alderac Entertainment, Ducks Unlimited, Cirque du Soliel, and “Doomtown”.  Just as an FYI, “Magic the Gathering” is one of the world’s biggest selling card games and has been translated in over 7 languages!

Poole works mainly in oil paints for his personal work. He also uses Adobe Photoshop with Corel’s “Painter” to provide illustrations, depending on the client and end result. Some work is solely created on the computer and then produced by the client digitally. Lately, he finds himself painting for galleries, private collectors, and for the pure enjoyment of pushing paint around and the never ending process of learning.

Please come out and join us as we celebrate Poole’s art work! His web site is (

For further information contact Mark Plessinger by calling 803/988-1065 or e-mail at (

First Thursday on Main in Columbia, SC, Takes Place May 3, 2012

April 29, 2012

Frame of Mind: FOM Series presents “Oddity” by Kara Gunter

Anomaly, curiosity, quirk, phenomenon, singularity, “Oddity.” The FOM Series is proud to present the unruly, the irregular, the art of discombobulation created by Kara Gunter specifically for this show. Kara states, “This body of work deals with confusion, being out of sorts or not in harmony with events and surroundings. Ideas of escape from an overworked mind and obsessive thinking, and of being able to reorganize the body in hopes of forming a new reality for one’s self. The new ‘reality’ which is created is, however, a sort of surreal dream state, in which nothing completely feels right or makes sense–where action is redundant and blind.”

To take the case of “Oddity” just a little farther, we are honored to have Armitage Shanks (the master of all things sideshow/circus), FOM’s new celebrity spokesperson and international luminary, on hand to give us a true sideshow feel. You will get to enjoy all that he has to offer as you gather out in front of our place. He will regale you with tales of the oddities within!

And as a special treat, we will have Robin Souls from Dirty Southern Sideshow performing many of the classic acts for your pleasure. Come and experience everything from glass walking and eating to straight jacket escape to fire-eating…and many more.

Frame of Mind is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm to 4pm, and is located at 1520 Main Street across from the Art Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.

Anastasia & Friends:  “Two for Three”

On Thursday, May 3rd, Anastasia & Friends presents a redux of an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by world class artists, Blue Sky and Alexander Wilds and gallery curator, Anastasia Chernoff called “Three.”  Legendary artist and Columbia native, Blue Sky is known worldwide for his paintings and murals and has received “best of show” awards at prestigious art shows all over the world, in addition to being featured in numerous international arts magazines and publications. His famous mural, Tunnelvision, is well known worldwide. “Three” will feature assemblages from his critically acclaimed, traveling “Truck Butts” series.

Alexander Wilds spent many years in Japan as a sculptor and architectural designer and is now Associate Professor of Fine Art at Benedict College in Columbia. Since 1974, Wilds has created a single figurative sculpture each year to document his progress as a sculptor. The show will feature several of these large scale sculptures in addition to other bronze and mixed media pieces.

Surrealist sculptor Anastasia Chernoff will feature two, new hanging sculptures created from stoneware and other mixed media from her most recent body of work, “Salvation Series.”

The gallery is open to the public from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. For more information, contact Anastasia Chernoff at 803 665 6902.

S&S Art Supply: “Textures of the South”: Fine Art Photography by Bryce Dixon

“The magic of photography is the unique relationship evoked between the image and the viewer.” This May’s First Thursday on Main will feature unique and exemplary southern landscape photography by local artist Bryce Dixon. Along with the printed photos, the exhibition will also feature Aluminum photographs and newly published books of Bryce’s work. “My photography in aluminum allows for an image to take on a 3-dimensional effect with vivid color saturation while providing a texture and feel that cannot be captured otherwise.” AluminArte is high definition, photographic imaging on aluminum that uses a unique imaging technology. The result is a highly dimensional image embedded physically onto the aluminum, unlike images that are typically printed onto a coating and then applied to paper. These AluminArte photographs will last over 100 years with no fade – you’ll have to come and see them for yourself! “My clients love the richness that comes from the reflective light properties of my media.” – Bryce Dixon

In addition to the amazing work on the walls, the artist will also be selling a limited edition of professionally published books of his photographic works. These books are in full color and thick paper, with a limited edition of 100 of each… “The Capital City” revolves around Columbia’s beauty and “Textures of Charleston” is a composition of low country images near and around Charleston. Teaser, palm sized paperback books will be available for purchase too, only $5 each! The larger hard cover books are 8 1/2 x 11, and will be $40, signed by the artist.

Originally from North Carolina, Bryce Dixon lives in Columbia with his wife and two Shepherds. Known for his photography in aluminum, Bryce specializes in landscapes and commissioned works. His art can be seen at his gallery in the historic Arcade Mall as well as the Columbia Museum of Art.

Tapp’s Art Center:

“What Lies Beneath” by Gwyn Pevonka
Gwyn Pevonka is interested in heroic gesture of the 1950s, but having her own contemporary twist on it and glorifying femininity. Her work focuses on the empowerment of a heroic woman tackling the vulnerability of large-scale, the fragility of openness within her pieces, and the intricate monotonous technique of carved areas. Gwyn Pevonka’s work is intimidating in scale and enticing with the intensity of color. She graduated from Appalachian state in May 2011 with a BFA in painting. this will be her first solo exhibition in her professional career, please join her may 3rd to view; WHAT LIES BENEATH, Gwyn Pevonka’s newest body of work.

Also, Tapp’s will host One Columbia’s “One Month One Columbia Wrap-up Celebration.”

Wine Down on Main: Tarses Deux by Jenna Sach

If you missed Jenna Sach’s show last month at the FOM Series, your Main Street neighbors at Wine Down and Frame of Mind have worked with the artist to be sure you can enjoy it before its final close at the end of May.  Wine Down presents “Tarses Deux” this month!  Come and enjoy the artist’s interpretation of the philosophies of Carl Jung’s shadow self as presented in her photography.

Jenna says, “In art, man has been viewed with the same physique throughout the ages. Tarses is a challenge to the modern concept of what men are physically supposed to look like. Instead, I am showing real men with all their flaws. The idea of Jung’s philosophy about shadows comes into play when I’m lighting the male models. Instead of focusing the photos, lighting, and poses on sexuality, I wanted to explore the darker and subdued side to masculinity. This side usually resides within the subconscious, rarely ever shown…or even known to oneself.”

Grapes and Gallery:

Please join us for a fundraiser event this month.  As you may or may not know, a physically and mentally disabled man was recently attacked in the Vista; everything was taken from this man except his only means of transportation to work, his bike.

The four hosts of this event (Anna Ross, owner of Grapes and Gallery, Brenda Bowen, Travis Johnson and Lindsay Wolfe) have decided to call on our friends and throw a cocktail party in order to raise money for the victim.  100% of the proceeds from the cocktail party will go to the victim; either his medical/dental bills, rent, because he is currently out of work. We have spoken with the victim’s boss at Mellow Mushroom personally to guarantee the use of the funds raised.

We hope to raise $1,000 to give to the victim. Please bring cash/a check. Whether you give $1, $10, or $100 – it is totally up to you.

Beer, wine, and light hors d’oeuvres will be served.

For details (like the time of the event) you may contact Mark Plessinger by calling 803/988-1065 or e-mail him at (

Works by Susan Lenz are all Over Main Street for Columbia, SC’s First Thursday on Main – Dec. 1, 2011

November 30, 2011

Dec. 1, 2011 is the first Thursday of the month and in Columbia, SC, that means First Thursday on Main Street and also for this month, the annual Mingle and Jingle event. I know this from experience and I know of some of the events only from an e-mail from Susan Lenz. It seems the people who usually provide info on such events in Columbia are holiday challenged this month. They’re not too forthcoming with advanced info as it is any month, but here’s what we know.

Editor’s Note: Artists who leave the promotion of their activities to the media are fools and often sorry they did so. That’s my experience in doing an arts newspaper for 24 years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this question – “They didn’t send you a press release?”

On Dec. 1, 2011, from 5-9pm, S & S Art Supply, at 1633 Main Street will present, Hung By the Chimney With Care Window Installation and Art Exhibition.

Using socks, buttons, photographs, and Christmas decorations from the old SC Department of Mental Health Hospital, Lenz has created a window installation to remember those who cannot celebrate the holidays in traditional ways.

Lenz’s “Muses Series” is featured inside S & S. The artwork was created on book pages published in 1655. Most  includes at least one button from the State Mental Hospital floor. Ink washes, collaged ephemera, machine embroidery and hand beading also embellish these antique pages.

Fiber Christmas ornaments ($12) and bookmarks ($4) are also available.

On Dec. 1, 2011, from 6-9pm, Anastasia and Friends, located inside the Free-Times building at 1534 Main Street.

This month the exhibition includes five of Susan Lenz’s “Window Series” as well as work by: Bohumila Augustinova, Lucy Bailey, Leslie Bennett, Rachel Borgman, Anastasia Chernoff, Candace Engel, Kara Gunter, Jennifer Stephens Hill, Paul Kaufmann, Michael Krajewski, Matthew Kramer, Whitney LeJeune, Paul Moore, Paula Riddle, Virginia Scotchie, Mallane Stanbury, Lyra Stephens, Woodie Wentworth, Lindsay Wiggins, and Roe Young.  There will be performances too!

From “Window Series”

On Dec. 1, 2011, from 6-9pm, Tapps Center for the Arts, 1644 Main Street, Two Hours at the Beach Art Quilt and Window Installation by Susan Lenz.

Lenz’s unique art quilt, Two Hours at the Beach, inspired this window installation currently on view at the Tapps Art Center.

Last spring Lenz spent a mere two hours along South Carolina’s coastline collecting beach trash at Folly Beach, SC. She resisted cigarette butts, aluminum cans, dog poop, and debris of enormous size. In June, Lenz combined her “trash stash” with recycled acrylic felt, netting, and thread. She called this unique art quilt Two Hours at the Beach.

For further info visit Lenz’s website at ( or her blog at (

First Thursday on Main in Columbia, SC, Takes Place – Oct. 6, 2011

October 3, 2011

October brings Tricky Treats to Columbia, SC’s Main Street’s First Thursday on Oct. 6, 2011.

Frame of Mind: Ink
“Ink” is more than just skin deep; it is about the deeply meaningful art that is produced by some of the most talented (and under appreciated) artists in Columbia. Darcy Del Priore, Dave Iaquinta, Franklin McKenzie, Jeremy Lewis, Jonathon Cheston, and Shannon Purvis will represent the deep talent pool of Columbia artists who bring people’s dreams and passions to life. Stop in to experience the power of “Ink.”

And of course, Gervais and Vine will be in house serving up the wine, while the outdoor stage will be rocking with the music of DJ Deft Key and the usual showcase of fire and sideshow extravagance featuring Kendal Turner, Chris Carney, James Raley, Gina Wolfe, and Serpentine Belly Dance.

Anastasia & Friends:  Black Light, Black Night … an ultraviolet art experience.
Anastasia & Friends is hosting a very special show  with co-hosts Anastasia Chernoff, Paul Kaufmann, and Jennifer Baxley. This show will be quite different from most of our openings as the evening will be divided into three parts – Black Light, The Intermission, and Black Night.

Black Light is an ultraviolet art experience where everyone and everything will be completely immersed in black light. The windows of the gallery will be blacked out, and the gallery will be completely transformed into a sea of black light that will illuminate a combination of paintings, sculpture, mixed media, and photography that are all black light reflective.

Our Black Light artists are Amy Alley, Bohumila Augustinova, Jennifer Baxley, Michael Bolin, Anastasia Chernoff, Corey Rocbottom Davis, Scott Denis, Robin Gadient, Kara Gunter, Jonathan Inkley, Cade Kaufmann, Paul Kaufmann, Michael Krajewski, Amanda Ladymon, Whitney LeJeune, Dre Lopez, Lauren Maurer, Lucas Sams, Jason Stroud, Joseph Tolbert, Lindsay Wiggins, and Roe Young.

You’ll see the fabulous Fred Gldfngr in both the Light and the Night, molding his music medium into an artistic audio experience all night long!  Around 7:30 pm in front of the gallery, get ready for Unbound Dance to perform Thriller from their upcoming party “Carpe Noctem.”  Libations for Black Light will be sponsored by The Roe Young State Farm Agency.

So then we thought, hey! We’ve gone through all this time and expense to create this happening; we don’t want it to end yet. Why not take it a step further, create ANOTHER experience in the back of the building and include a party after the opening? Black Night was born!  A brief intermission will take place from 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm, and we will ask everyone to clear the gallery so we can prepare to reopen our doors for Black Night at 9:30pm.

Black Night will be a masquerade, after-party experience that takes place from 9:30 pm to 12:30 am with beer and wine, food, complimentary masquerade masks, music, and even more surprises. BIG THANKS to Maria Kennedy Mungo who will sponsor the gourmet delicacies for the Black Night portion of the evening.

Tickets for Black Night are $20 in advance and $25 at the door and can be purchased at ( Check it out and get your tickets soon as we have a limited number available.

S&S Art Supply: Cartoon Violence, Cartoon Love: New Works by J. Spencer Shull
S&S Art Supply will be filled with thrills, chills, and cute n’ creepy creatures! This amazingly talented local artist has a HUGE show in store for you! In addition to the crazy fun artwork inside, there will be many more surprises as well! You can dance the night away on Main Street to the evening’s soundtrack musical stylings of Dr Scott Padgett D.R.R., or play dress up and get your photo taken with Red Road Portraits photo booth!

J. Spencer Shull is a self taught artist born and raised in South Carolina. His whimsical paintings are created using cel vinyl acrylic—the same paint used by old animation studios. His style incorporates aspects of cartoon illustration, pop surrealism, and lowbrow art. Although J. Spencer is not opposed to using canvas, he likes to paint on recycled materials as well. Some of his paintings have been done on old game boards, cigar boxes, reclaimed wood, antique books, old warrant flasks, and even a miniature series painted on playing cards. His works have been displayed in galleries in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. He has received national recognition by being featured twice in STUFFED magazine as well as local recognition in South Carolina’s own Undefined magazine. Along with his wife Kelly Shull, J. Spencer runs Jellykoe, an art collective. The husband and wife duo specialize in making one of a kind plush monsters, as well as original 2-D artwork. Together, they have exhibited their work at art shows, festivals, and conventions in over eleven states. You can view more of their work at: ( or (

Tapp’s Art Center:
Tapp’s Arts Center invites the public to mingle with this month’s artists/artists in residence and to see their work. Renovations are in progress at Tapp’s, and artists are moving into their studio spaces, many of which will be open at First Thursday to celebrate a year of First Thursdays at Tapp’s.

Many of the artists who have exhibited, volunteered, and supported the Tapp’s Arts Center during its inception and the past year of First Thursdays.  We’ve invited 25 of them back to be a part of this exhibit. Participating artists include Susan Lenz, Whitney Lejeune, Molly Harrell, Billy Guess, Jamie Blackburn, Thomas Crouch, Val Zaba, Amanda Ladymon, Lucas Sams, Rachel Borgman, Julie Larkin, Sam Compton, Porter Dodd, Deana Rennick, Sonju Quattlebaum, Gina Langston Brewer, Sammy Lopez, Amy Windland, Rachel Thomason, June Tucarella, Mathew John, Kimberly Bookman, Cedric Umoja, Sandra Carr, Gwyn Pevonka, and Claude Buckley.

The display windows now feature an installation called “A Fine Line: Between Collecting and Hoarding.”   Jackaroe and The Dubber will perform in the back room at 7pm.  This month, Keith Tolen will curate “Down Under” in the basement, and Thomas Washington, Rogers Boykin, Ed Nester, Janice Johnson, Derrick Davis, Ron “Gritsman” Ferguson and Porter Dodd will also participate in the exhibit.

To learn more about First Thursdays on Main at Tapp’s, call 803/988-0013 or e-mail to ( or ( or visit Tapp’s on Facebook.

First Thursdays on Main: August Heats up Columbia, SC’s Arts Corridor!

July 27, 2011

This is an example of a poorly created press release which in my opinion causes more questions than it answers. I’m just posting it as it came to me. I don’t have time to fix it. Call or e-mail Mark Plessinger with your questions.

Here it is:

August 4,

Frame of Mind: Twisted
The August FOM Series is all wired up with the return of Bohumila Augustinova to our little gallery. Bohumila will be making her third appearance with her new show Twisted, a collection of wire works inspired by an old Moravian technique called “tinkering.” Of special interest will be the current collection of wire dresses she has been working on for the last year. The warrior motif pieces will be shown on live models on the night of the FOM Series; one of these meticulously woven wonders takes the artist approximately three months to complete. She expects to complete this collection within the next year or so. We’ll also have some of her recycled dresses on display from Runaway Runway, along with other custom wire pieces (kite, masks, and jewelry).

She’s collaborated with Columbia photographer, Mark Green, and videographer, Jason Stroud, to make this a truly dynamic installation and to help deliver the high energy that her shows have become known for. And the energy will continue outside with our usual assortment of entertainment including DJ Deft Key spinning his signature electronic deep beat, Fire In Motion keeping it hot for you viewing pleasure, local slam poet Kendal Turner emceeing the event and spitting her latest creations, and James Raley awing you with his best sideshow trickery.

Gervais and Vine will be in the house (of course) to bring you some great wine.

Anastasia & Friends:  VESSELS!
For the August at Anastasia & Friends, Katherine Elliott, Kara Gunter, Paul Kaufmann, Matthew Kramer, Paul Moore, Virginia Scotchie, Roe Young, and I have collaborated with three of the area’s award-winning and most innovative floral and plant artists, Sandra Crosland Chastain, Candace Engel and Rudy Goff to create a show like you’ve never seen on Main Street! VESSELS is an art exhibition where organic meets and becomes sculpture. The exhibition will include ceramic, metal and mixed media in conjunction with a vast variety of exotic flowers and plants. The works of art that have been created will include openings for plant and floral artists to create organic sculptures that harmonize with the vessels.

Many thanks to Florida State Wholesale Flower Farm for sponsoring the incredible flowers that you’ll see in the show, and to Verde Garden for being the succulent and exotic plant sponsor for this innovative show. Special thanks to Roe Young (with Roe Young State Farm) who continues to spoil us every month with his generous sponsorship of wine and cheese. He’s been our sponsor for a year and half now, and we appreciate him so much.

S&S Art Supply: Impremio: Exploratory Prints by Grace Rockafellow
Watch a whole lineup of Hip Hop performances, make a print with this month’s artist Grace Rockafellow, watch live art making outside, and more at S&S’s show this month! Playing with Surrealism and Nature, Grace Rockafellow also implements personal memories and images of her family. “I am finding printmaking to be my visual language….I try to let the image tell me what to do next,” she says. She is a very process-oriented printmaker, working mostly with mono prints this past year. She will have a little setup inside the store where you can make a simple print to take home! This will be happening throughout the evening, so stop in and get creative!

We’re also proud to announce the “New Edition Block Party.”  The New Edition Block Party is a microcosm of NSHHL’s & Luis Skye’s newest venture especially designed for S&S Art Supply store’s First Thursdays on Main event. This live event will be bringing hiphop LIVE in full effect RIGHT in front of the store! Hosted by Luis Skye’s own Angel, this live event will feature the soaring DJ Peoples (Luis Skye/Cut Fresh Crew) & DJ Kingpin (NSHHL/Official Block Banga) on the wheels of steel; b-boys & bgirls including breakers from 3rd Dimension & Tribe SK, as well as a live piece presented by Izms of Art’s own Carlos Bilal!!

Tapp’s Art Center: Novam Project: Pilot
Don’t forget to stop by Tapp’s Art Center to check out the various and ongoing projects and installations that they always have for your review and enjoyment.

Meet us at Tapp’s to experience the opening performance of Novam Project: Pilot presented by Bonnie Boiter-Jolley and Margey Bolen. Pilot showcases the fresh vision of Columbia’s upcoming dance talent, featuring choreography by the Carolina Ballet’s Keith Mearns and the Columbia City Ballet’s Robert Michalski. Come together in celebration of a novel movement brought to you from the heart of Columbia’s next generation of dance.

Show times are at 7 and 8 p.m. and are free to the public.

Mast General Store
Don’t miss the chance to stop in and welcome Main Street’s newest (and largest) retail stop.

You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling 803/988-1065 or via e-mail at (

What’s on Tap at the First Thursday On Main in Columbia, SC, at Tapp’s Arts Center – July 7, 2011

July 6, 2011

Tapp’s Arts Center, Columbia, SC’s center for art and music at 1644 Main Street, announces its monthly First Thursdays on Main show and invites the public to mingle with the artists and see their work. Renovations are in progress at Tapp’s, and since last month’s event, artists are moving into their studio spaces, many of which will be open at First Thursday on July 7, 2011, from 5 to 9pm.

Exhibiting artists include: Claude Buckley, Becky Age, Susan Lenz with Michael Krajewski and Heather Bauer, Molly Harrell, Lucas Sams, Sonju Quattlebaum, Indigo Art & Framing, Jefferson Vimana, Alex Smith, Delores Taylor and KT Montgomery.

PIENSA: Art Company and the Heavy Feather Falls comic book and Japanese art show will hang in the back room, with music by Lauren Streeter, Fred Ingram and William Christopher.

Additionally, Evolution by Chocolate will have artful chocolates for sale.

To learn more about First Thursdays on Main at Tapp’s, contact Brenda Schwarz Miller at 803/609-3479, e-mail to ( or visit Tapp’s on Facebook.

Here’s What’s Happening at Tapp’s Center for the Arts in Columbia, SC, During First Thursday on Main – Feb. 3, 2011

January 26, 2011

Join the folks at Tapp’s, 1644 Main Street, for First Thursday on Main, Feb. 3, 2011, from 5 – 9pm, in Columbia, SC, to meet artists, view original artwork, and participate in creative demonstration as they continue to work towards the future plan for the proposed Tapp’s Center for the Arts. Tapp’s is thrilled to be a part of this creativity-filled, Main Street event series joining Frame of Mind, S&S Art Supply, Anastasia & Friends, Columbia Museum of Art and the Arcade Artists!

Exhibiting artists include: Kirkland Smith, Becky Rickenbaker, Carey Fluitt, Brent Nichols, Olivia Rae Thompson, LiKisha Dukes, Gina Langston Brewer, BA Hohman, Rachel Borgman, Julie Larkin, June Tucarella, Amy Windland, and Cheryl Coble.

In the back room B. Alex Smith is working on a multi-media installation project including art, music and film. Downstairs there will be a pottery demonstration by John Sharpe; painting by Pamm Collins; an interactive drawing project with Khaldoune Bencheikh; and singing by Paddy Dover and friends.

Plus, check out our Youth Exhibit including young artists from the midlands ranging from pre-school to high school. It is essential to support young talent and give them a place in the big picture. This will be a very important component of the Tapp’s Center for the Arts!

If you have not made it out to see the Tapp’s Window Installation Series it is well worth the trip! They are a fantastic addition to Main Street! The January and February featured artists are Jamie Blackburn, Kara Gunter, Whitney Lejeune,  Amanda Ladymon, Gina Langston Brewer & Deane Riddick, Susan Lenz, Khaldoune Bencheikh, Keith Tolen, Val Zaba and Mathew John. In the interior windows there will be work by Jefferson Vimana, Pamm Collins, Kim Bookman, Sue Shrader and Benira Sutphin. This series of installations will be on display through the end of February.

For more information on this or future events at Tapp’s please contact Brenda Schwarz Miller at 803/609-3479 or e-mail her at ( Become a Facebook fan of Tapp’s Arts Center Project!

Update on Artists Participating in Columbia, SC’s First Thursday on Main at Tapp’s Center Art Project – Dec. 2, 2010

November 24, 2010

We’ve received an update from our first posting about the Dec. 2, 2010, First Thursday on Main event.

This month’s First Thursday on Main in Columbia, SC, is also Mingle & Jingle on Main, so there is sure to be loads to see and do! Join us at Tapp’s Center Art Project to meet artists, view original artwork, enjoy live demonstrations and hear Christmas tunes by the Army Jazz Band! The White Mule will be back with the cash bar, but the food is on us! We are excited to be a part of this rapidly growing, creativity-filled event series. The event takes place Dec. 2, 2010, from 6-9pm.

If you have not made it out to see the Window Installation Series it is well worth the trip! They are a fantastic addition to Main Street! The featured artists in the exterior windows are Susan Lenz, Amanda Ladymon, Molly Harrell, Mathew John & Rachel Thomason, Amy Windland, Kimberly Bookman, Porter Dodd, Sandra Carr, Southern Pottery and the Corley Mill Artists Group. And in the interior windows are Pat Stone, Jefferson Vimana, B. Alex Smith, Half Moon Pottery and Nancy Kauffman. This series of installations will be on display through the end of December and the next series will be “revealed” for the January First Thursday.

Installation by Susan Lenz

Other exhibiting artists include: Whitney Lejeune, Khaldoune Bencheikh, Cookie Richardson, Mary How, Julie Larkin, Keith Tolen, Beth Aker, Ellin Baskin, Vanessa Bussey, JJ Casey, Cheryl Coble, Brenda Schwarz Miller, Sam Compton, Brent Nichols, Carolyn McLaughlin, Carol Anderson, Val Zaba, Sue Shrader, Carolyn Cobia, June Tucarella, Bryce Dixon, and Abstract Alexandra.

This month check out our Youth Exhibit including young artists Syna Mae Miller, Katya Windland, Murphy White and Richard Black. It is essential to support young talent and give them a place in the big picture. This will be an ongoing initiative at the Tapp’s Art Center Project!

For more information on this or future events at Tapp’s please contact Brenda Schwarz Miller at 803/609-3479 or e-mail to ( Become a Facebook fan of Tapp’s Arts Center Project.

First Thursday On Main in Columbia, SC, Takes Place Nov. 4, 2010, 5-9pm

November 3, 2010

Man, I know I created this site for late-breaking news, and this fits that description, but I’d really like a little more notice. I’ve just finished delivering our Nov. 2010 issue of Carolina Arts and I was checking the e-mail and found this. The info came to us from Susan Lenz about her Keys for the City storefront window installation being featured during the First Thursday On Main at the Tapp’s Center for the Arts. It may not actually be an arts center yet, but it is a project headed up by Brenda Schwarz Miller. You can read about Keys for the City at the Art in Stitches blog at (

The Tapps building is located at 1644 Main Street in Columbia, SC, at the corner of Main and Blanding. The event takes place on Nov. 4, from 5-9pm this month.

Here’s some further info we found at the group’s Facebook page.

Tapp’s Arts Center Project

Join us at Tapp’s to meet artists, view original artwork and enjoy live demonstrations and local music. This month The White Mule will be providing food and a cash bar! We are excited to join Frame of Mind, S&S Art Supply, Columbia Museum of Art and others in this rapidly growing, creativity-filled event series. Our first event at Tapp’s on October 7th was fantastic! We hope that was only the first of many artful events to come!

This month we will “Reveal” the Window Installation Series! Local artists, art groups and businesses will use the Tapp’s windows to create a unique installation of their artwork. This month featured in the exterior windows are Susan Lenz, Amanda Ladymon, Molly Harrell, Mathew John, Amy Windland, Kimberly Bookman, Porter Dodd, Sandra Carr, Southern Pottery and Corley Mill Artists Group. And in the interior windows are Pat Stone, Jefferson Vimana, Alex Smith, Half Moon Pottery and Nancy Kauffman. The windows will remain on display for two months to promote the Tapp’s Window Installation Series and the participating artists.

Other exhibiting artists include: Whitney Lejeune, Jamie Blackburn, Ellin Baskin, Charlotte Lindsey Gaskins, Carolyn McLaughlin, Jean Bourque, Vanessa Bussey, JJ Casey, Cheryl Coble, Brenda Schwarz Miller, Sam Compton, Carol Anderson, Tam Hicks, Jennifer Ghelardini, Benira Sutphin, Val Zaba, Sue Shrader, Rachel Thomason, Howard Hunt, Carolyn Cobia, June Tucarella, Bryce Dixon and Rachelle Brundage.

Also, outside in the “Plein Air Studio” at Tapp’s Plaza get a live view of a clay sculpture demonstration by John Sharp and a wood turning demonstration by Kirk Miller. Inside Carolyn McLaughlin will be demonstrating “gourd-burning”.

Music for November will be courtesy of Johnny Cromer.

For more information on this or future events at Tapp’s please contact Brenda Schwarz Miller at 803/609-3479 or e-mail to ( Become a Facebook fan of Tapp’s Arts Center Project! at (