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Sarah Mandell of Greenville, SC, Shares Works from Artist-In-Residence at Edisto Beach State Park

April 30, 2019

Sarah Mandell is a fiber artist in Greenville, SC, who was honored to have been chosen as Artist-In-Residence at Edisto Beach State Park this spring. She stayed in the state park from April 19-26, 2019, creating art onsite inspired by the coastal scenery, and sharing her experience along the way. Mandell’s entire purpose is to capture the beauty of the lowcountry landscape in her medium of choice (needle felted wool fiber) and highlight this unique part of the state during my stay.

Mandell offered the following statement about her residency, “My 2D landscape ‘paintings’ are created entirely with dyed wool fiber. I use a notched felting needle to layer and matte down the sheep’s wool into a flat surface, which eventually creates a textile image that’s soft to the touch. The time-consuming process is a lot like painting – I do under colors first, then build up texture & dimension, and eventually finish with fine details – but this all done with strands of soft fiber and a specialized needle rather than paint and paintbrush.”

“My ongoing series ‘Fibers of the South’ explores South Carolina landscapes ranging from the irregular patterns of the Lowcountry, the textures of the midlands, and the dramatic shapes of the Upcountry. I’ve been truly inspired by this beautiful state ever since moving here in 2010.”

“My current body of work will be featured in my first long-term group exhibition at Greenville Center for Creative Arts from June 7 through July 24,” adds Mandell. “I was awarded a grant by Metropolitan Arts Council to help fund the supplies needed to create 100 needle felted landscapes in 100 days. I’m currently on day #39 of this series, and I expect to have quite a large number of pieces following my residency at Edisto Beach State Park in late April.”

“Although I have a fine art background and graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art, I’m self taught when it comes to needle felting. I began working in 3D first, and only recently changed focus to 2D work. I enjoy this magical medium so much that I teach workshops at GCCA on the weekends several times a year.”

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Metropolitan Arts Council in Greenville, SC, Matches Art with Recycling Programs

August 22, 2016

The seventh annual Flat Out Under Pressure (FOUP), Metropolitan Arts Council’s (MAC) unique program involving the visual arts and sound environmental practices in downtown Greenville, SC, was held on June 3-4, 2016. With eight bins for paper, plastic and glass in various locations along Main Street, FOUP encourages recycling among pedestrians while creating a different exhibiting opportunity for visual artists.

The event begins with a 24-hour art-making juried competition.The selected winners are then given the opportunity to choose two images of their work for reproduction on the bins.The winning artists also receive cash prizes, and the 1st place winner gets a week-long trip to Italy to stay in the beautiful Villa Sant’ Andrea. On Friday, June 3rd, 71 artists came to MAC to get their surfaces officially stamped. 68 of the same surfaces were then returned to MAC within 24 hours as works of art. The works were then juried that afternoon with an awards reception held the evening of June 4. All submitted works are displayed in the MAC Gallery until July 8th, 2016.

Bin with artwork by Paul Flint

The Bins will be displayed through December 2016.

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