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Craven Arts Council in New Bern, NC, Calls for Artworks Inspired by Poetry – Deadline May 3, 2018

March 31, 2018

The Craven Arts Council & Gallery is pleased to announce their call for artists for the 2018 “Fusion Poetry: Art” Exhibition at Bank of the Arts in New Bern, NC, held from May 4 – June 29, 2018. The Arts Council is seeking artwork inspired by poetry.

During the fall and winter of 2017 Craven Arts Council asked local poets to submit their poetry to be used as inspiration for visual art. Over two hundred poems were submitted, including both adult and youth categories. Craven Arts Council has complied the poems and posted them online so that artists can search through them and find inspiration for an original piece of art.

Artist are asked to visit ( and look under the “Exhibits” tab for “Poetry: Art.” There they will find the full terms and conditions for the exhibition and a link to all submitted poetry. Each artist may submit one original artwork. Work will be dropped off and juried May 2nd and 3rd, 2018. Some work may be rejected due to space considerations. Artist receptions for the event will be held during the downtown New Bern Artwalks, May 11th and June 8th, from 5pm-8pm. Non cash prizes will be awarded for poetry, art, and the best fusion of the two. Craven Arts will also feature a youth division for the contest in the Director’s Gallery.

Please visit ( for more information.

Greater Good Gallery in New Bern, NC, Offers Book Discussion on Dec. 9, 2016

December 6, 2016

The Greater Good Gallery in New Bern, NC, will host a reception during ARTcrawl on Dec. 9, 2016 from 5-8pm at 228 Craven Street in New Bern, NC. Lisa Bisbee Lentz will be discussing the features of the upcoming book, “A Brief History of Artists in Eastern North Carolina”. Lentz is working together with local potter/author Ben Alden Watford and digital artist, Jon Derby to compile the creative publication.


Photo by Jon Darby

Derby announces, “We are calling all creative people including musicians, poets, crafters, artists, galleries, theatres, designers, etc. in eastern North Carolina to participate in the art history book.”

Watford explains the importance of the publication, “Civilizations are judged, not by their wars, not by their politics or their leaders but by the art that they produce. It is your privilege to inform the larger community and future generations of what you attempted to accomplish as an artist, who you are as a person and show all concerned samples of the art that you have produced. As designed, the books will explain who you are as an artist.”

If you would like to participate in the art history book, call 252/649-1712 or visit (

Greater Good Gallery in New Bern, NC, Offers Book Launch

July 12, 2016

The Greater Good Gallery will host a book launch party and book signing for “My Little Plastic Bag” on Thursday July 14, 2016, at 5:30pm, at 228 Craven Street, New Bern, NC. Meet and greet the author and illustrator. Refreshements will be served.


The book with text by local poet Sam Love and illustrator Samrae Duke tells the story of what happens to a plastic bag when a little girl throws it out the window. Through brightly colored illustrations a child can follow the plastic through the ecosystem into the ocean. Finally the chemicals in the plastic come back to Amy’s family in the fish her family eats.

The story is based on a poem by Sam Love that appeared in his poetry book, “Converging Waters” and in Duke University’s “Eno” magazine. “I get really angry when I see the plastic pieces that the mowers cut up on the side of the road and I wanted to create an educational book for young children that helps them understand there is no ‘away’,” according to Love.

“This book can be valuable to teach young people about the problems plastic trash creates in our aquatic environment,” says Travis Graves, Lower Neuse Riverkeeper.
Diane MacEachern, publisher of the ( web site, says, “My Little Plastic Bag can help children understand how even a harmless action like throwing away a plastic bag can have serious consequences.”

“Plastic in our water is now epidemic,” states Love. He cites one United Nations estimate that every square mile of the ocean already contains 46,000 pieces of plastic and most of them are so small we can’t see them. “As the plastic is ingested by the fish and other wildlife,” Love says, “plastic chemicals can get into our food supply and affect our health.”

Love believes any child who is curious about nature will enjoy “My Little Plastic Bag”. “This book gives teachers and parents a great educational tool to build awareness of environmental stewardship. After all, the future belongs to our children.”

The book is designed for children ages 4 to 8 and it includes a discussion guide for parents and teachers.

The Greater Good Gallery will host a book launch party and book signing for “My Little Plastic Bag” on Thursday July 14, 2016, at 5:30pm.

For more info, e-mail to ( or stop by 228 Craven St., New Bern to purchase a copy of “My Little Plastic Bag”.

Fine Art at Baxters in New Bern, NC, Hosts Holiday Designer Jewelry Trunk Show – Nov. 12-14, 2015

October 30, 2015

Join Fine Art at Baxters in New Bern, NC, in celebrating their fourth holiday designer jewelry trunk show. Opening preview Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, 6-8pm; Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, 10am-5 pm and during the Art Walk 5-8pm; and Saturday, Nov. 14, 10am–5pm.

Shop our collection of women’s jewelry including fashion earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins and rings in contemporary designs for all occasions. Designers will be on hand to assist in creating your own look, offering top trends and style advice.

Featured jewelry artists include: Anne Hanson, Elizabeth Smith, Emily Parker, Heather Tiller, Janette Franich, Jean Cheely, Judy Hutchison, Kay Jarrette, Kim Thompson, Linda Ferguson, Melissa Manley, Sandi Carter and Tana Acton.

Fine Art at Baxters Gallery is located at 323 Pollock Street, downtown New Bern. Open Monday – Friday 10am–6pm, and Saturday 10am–5pm.

For further info call 252/634-9002 or visit (

First South Bank in New Bern, NC, Features Works by Wade Dunn

March 19, 2015

First South Bank has a history of supporting the arts in New Bern, NC.  Artist Wade Dunn of New Bern is currently featured at the financial institution’s downtown location. Dunn has been painting ever since he was a teenager. Surfing for 45 years, Dunn captures the brilliant colors of the crystal coast in vivid paintings. Using a palette knife, Dunn loads the canvas with thick acrylic paint.

Brent Davis (on right), manager at First South Bank, welcomes artist Wade Dunn (on left).

To see Dunn’s works of art, visit the First South Bank at 202 Craven Street. At the next ARTcrawl, Dunn will be demonstrating his palette technique in the Isaac Taylor Garden on Apr. 10, 2015.

For further information call Brent Davis at the Bank at 252/626-2997.

Greater Good Gallery in New Bern, NC, Calls for Entries for Annual Valentine ARTcrawl Exhibit – Deadline Feb. 10, 2015

February 3, 2015

The Greater Good Gallery in New Bern, NC, invites any artists to submit their works depicting the human form on Monday, Feb. 9th or Tuesday, Feb. 10th, 2015.

Submissions will be showcased in the “RAW REFLECTIONS” exhibit for the Valentine ARTcrawl on Feb. 13, 2015 from 5pm to 8pm inside the Isaac Taylor House at 228 Craven Street, New Bern, NC. The theme includes visual works of art reflecting upon figures of life drawing, silhouettes of human anatomy, and representations of the human form.

Chris Wagner will introduce the first in his series of paintings representing model Jennifer Stevens Alphin, a current breast cancer patient working her way to earning the title of survivor. Wagner explains, “The idea behind the project is to share her strength, beauty and spirit as an inspiration to other women in similar situations. We want to show other women that despite the physical costs of breast cancer, they will emerge from their battles no less beautiful, and no less of a woman.”  Wagner will work on the series throughout the year to encompass Alphin’s encounters with chemo, mastectomy surgery, and ultimately reconstruction surgery.

Lisa Bisbee Lentz will exhibit a brief classical art history lesson featuring her small oil paintings depicting figurative sculptures from the ancient timeline. Lentz elaborates, “In my study of the human body, I work out the fundamental proportions by copying the marble and bronze statues of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. For instance, Polykleitos, the Greek sculptor created Doryphoros (Spear Bearer) in idealistic proportions where a head equals one-seventh of the entire body.” The collection begins with the Archaic style depicting a flat Egyption standing male titled “Kouros” and evolves into Greek idealism and the naturalistic anatomy of Roman realism.

Other participating artists include Becky Preece, Jerry Scott, Carol Jones, Bernice Abraham, Lee Hood, Laura Gammons, Kristen Moffitt, and Samrae Duke. The figurative works of legendary New Bern artist, Willie Taglieri will also be on display, courtesy of the Taglieri family. Local Nexus poet, Meg Wethington will be performing sensual poetry readings.

The Valentine show continues late evening at the Brown Pelican with speciality beverages to suit the Valentine occasion.

For more information, visit ( or call 252/649-1712.

Harold H. Bate Foundation Honors Community Artist Will, Inc., in New Bern, NC, With Grant

September 18, 2014

The Harold H. Bate Foundation has granted $8,000 to fund programming for Community Artist Will, Inc. CAW is a non-profit, cooperatively-run incubator for the arts in Eastern North Carolina and was incorporated in January 2013.

Ben Watford and Samrae Bruggema accept Bate Grant

With the Harold H. Bate Foundation’s grant, CAW will continue its community outreach programs, designed to motivate the public through events that encourage creativity and arts appreciation. CAW organizes Downtown New Bern’s ARTcrawl events, held second Friday of each month, as well as the Gloria Morello Bisque-ware Project, a program that goes to senior centers and schools to give free Bisque-ware painting workshops.

If you would like to learn more about Community Artist Will, Inc.’s programs, please visit their website at (

The Monthly ARTcrawl in New Bern, NC, Takes Place Mar. 14, 2014 – Opportunities Abound for Artists and Art Lovers

March 9, 2014

Setup in the Isaac Taylor Garden for ARTcrawl:
Many artists are already signed up to setup their creative wares in the Isaac Taylor Garden during ARTcrawl on Fri., Mar. 14, 2014, from 5 to 8pm. Meet our newest formation of artists such as Lynn Goodwin, Ed Vaupel, Gwen Lovett and Arden Lindsey. Our regular art attendees will also be participating including Elisa Schulman, Carol Jones, Jim Herring, Jon Derby, Brandy Baxter and Bridgette Swayne.

If you want to participate during any ARTcrawl, please e-mail to ( The following ARTcrawl is Apr. 11, 2014, always the second Friday of each month. As the weather shifts to warmer days, the events will draw hundreds upon hundreds of voyeurs to New Bern’s art scene. More details, click (

There are multiple opportunities in New Bern for artists:
Studio spaces, exhibit spaces & co-op galleries. If you are interested in any of the following opportunities, please e-mail to ( for more details.

• Three long-term exhibit booth spaces on Middle Street.
• Several long-term studio spaces on Middle Street and Pollock Street.
• Weekly exhibit space off Middle Street.
• Once-a-month $10 booth opportunities on Craven Street during monthly ARTcrawls.
• Once-a-month free booth opportunities with a local arts organization during ARTcrawls.
• There is a meeting on March 18th about a co-op gallery, if you are interested, e-mail to (
• An Annex Art Gallery of Greater Good Gallery is under consideration, which will likely be “the G3 annex” for $15 per month, with the 30/70 split commission to cover the cost of the venue. There is enough space for demonstrating with a couple of easels and teaching small classes. The only stipulations are: (1) that we need the commitment of  20 artists and (2) that we need a leader, someone to step up to the plate to coordinate this effort.
• A community bulletin board is under way which will serve as a hub for dispersing creative information to tourists, artists and our neighbours. If you don’t have a business card, now is the time to illustrate a handful with your contact information.

Painting by Chris Wagner of local potter Ben Alden Watford

Get your chance to win for only one dollar:
Win a painting by Chris Wagner of local potter Ben Alden Watford. The canvas is 24″x36 and will be raffled to one lucky art appreciator during a Summer ARTcrawl. Tickets will be sold at CAW’s headquarters, home of Greater Good Gallery and at the studio of Michaele’ Rose Watson. Get your chance to win for only $1 a ticket, or an arm’s length for $10. We’ll likely post a chance to win online too, so our far-away art-groupies can join in the fun. The funds will benefit Community Artist Will. Stay tuned for details.

Ben Watford’s Pottery fundraiser for CAW:
Chris Wagner’s painting (details above) is a documentation of ARTcrawl in bohemian fashion featuring the itinerant potter, Ben Alden Watford, who demonstrates his craft tirelessly to inspire people of all ages to become creative. Watford will setup a pottery table at both Isaac Taylor Garden and the Studio of Michaele’ Rose Watson. The pottery will be available for as little as two dollars each, though more will always be appreciated.

For more details about the monthly ARTcrawls in New Bern, visit (

New Bern, NC’s Valentine ARTcrawl Takes Place on Feb. 14, 2014

February 11, 2014

Love of art is in the air during the Valentine ARTcrawl on Feb. 14, 2014, from 5-8pm. Stroll through galleries, exhibits, shops and performance venues to see the arrival of creatives feats, interactive art measures and live performances in historic downtown New Bern.


On Craven Street

Greater Good Gallery presents a one-night-exhibit of “Raw Reflections” displaying life drawings, sculpture and paintings of the human form, not suitable for all ages. See the figurative work of Brandy Baxter, Se’rah Cheatam, Rachel Wheeler, Donna York, Becky Coleman, Jerry Scott, Lee Hood, Marvin Maune, Bernice Abraham, Becky Preece and more artists. For details, call 252/649-1712. See the soaring light sculptures by Stan Harmon in the Isaac Taylor Garden. Betsy Drake and R. B. Hamilton open their door to feature realistic renderings of scenes from their travels on home decor items. See handmade crafts by Joyce Kotting Basye and Ross Sinfield at Mitchell Hardware. Reserve studio time to paint your own pottery at Accidental Artist, call 252/634-3411. Top Shelf Consignment showcases artwork by Kathleen Bailey and handmade jewelry by other artists.

On South Front Street

Gracing the walls of Next Chapter Bookstore are local photographer Gary Hollar’s  beautiful landscapes, “Chasing the Light in the Carolinas.”

On Pollock Street

Visit Baxter’s Studio to view many artisans working in their studios including GeeVee Meyer. See the raku pottery bears by Mitch Lewis and Jim Bisbee at Baxter’s Fine Art. Handmade by students, valentine’s cards are featured at Carolina Creations. Robert Daniels’s artwork exhibit and Wine Tasting at Galley Store.

On Middle Street

MJ’s Raw Bar features canvas art installation by Scott Coleman. Maxwell House Studio Gallery has an open reception for the works of Marvin and Dietrich Maune. See the Civil War limited editions at Framing Fox Art Gallery. See the hand-crafted work of Rose Ann Schank and Grant Harrison at Midtown Olive Oil. Grand opening reception of Antiquery Gallery will be held at its new location on 219 Middle Street. Bear City Fudge Co showcases works of art representing sweets. Blaine Kruger will be giving a painting demonstration at The Boathouse.

Near the corner of Broad and Middle Streets

See the pottery by Michelle DePietro and paintings by Pamela Anne Johnson at Cheshire Moon Gallery, and ask for a tour of Artists Nest where Lee Hood and Brandy Baxter setup their studios. The young generation of BOHO presents a family-friendly “Overwhelming Force of Love Exhibit” and “1920’s Speakeasy” in the Atrium between Bear Towne Java and Cheshire Moon Gallery.  Bear Towne Java features the works of Ron Lamm. Studio Four-Thirteen Interior Design and Art Gallery is open to showcase the works of artists Ed Macomber and Laura Overman.

“Make a Bead, take a Bead” in bohemian fashion with interactive opportunities at the studio of Michaele Rose Watson, behind Bear Towne Java. Come and make a bead or two or three and take a finished bead. By December 2014 BoHo/ArtCrawl, you will have 12 beads. Ben Watford, will setup a pottery fundraiser to benefit Community Artist Will which recently was recognized by the IRS as a 501C3 nonprofit organization. CAW promotes the effort of all creative folk and offers opportunities for people to become creative. At both Greater Good Gallery and the Studio of Michaele Rose Watson, some of Ben’s pottery will be for sale for as little as two dollars each in an effort to raise funds for CAW’s upcoming bisque-ware activity for the elderly.

Later in the evening

Be entertained at Trent River Coffee to catch Gumbo Lily featuring the music by Pegie Douglas, Rebecca Marks, Bobby Chandler and Rex Hawkins, starting at 7pm. Try your hand in painting starting at 7pm at Bear Hands Art Factory, details call 252/514-2787. Become a rockstar during Karaoke starting at 8pm in Christophe’s Lounge at the Doubletree. “The Color Purple” theatrical performance starts at 7:30pm in the Civic Theatre. Call for details about the Valentine Dance at Rivertowne Ballroom on 305 Pollock St., call 252/637-2003.

Early in the day

Antique Show & Sale 10am-5pm at New Bern Riverfront Convention Center raffles a miniature bakery store box crafted and donated by the Tiny Tinkers of New Bern in memory of Joanne Weinberg.

For an online map of the ARTcrawl, visit ( or stop by the CAW headquarters at 228 Craven Street to pick up a copy.

ARTcrawl in Downtown New Bern, NC, Takes Place Jan. 10, 2014

January 5, 2014

ARTcrawl will take place on January 10, 2014, starting at 5pm in downtown New Bern, NC, with visual arts, performances and creative demonstrations.

Scott Coleman acrylic painting titled “SURFS UP” at MJs Raw Bar

On Middle Street, see the canvas art installation of Scott Coleman at MJ’s Raw Bar. Coleman says, “The acrylic painting sequence is an expression of the spiritual journal of life, a zen symphony in blue. This is my wave.” Titled, “Surf’s Up,” the work of art is dedicated to Brian Wilson, the original beach boy. The Maune’s will be opening their newest venture to the public, see their works of art at Maxwell House Studio. Framing Fox will be displaying civil war art. Blaine Kruger will be at The Boat House, painting boats on navigational charts.

Artist Carol Jones’ oil painting of giraffe at Greater Good Gallery

On Craven Street, stop by Trent River Coffee to see new works by Se’rah Cheatham and Tessie Ann Adams. Drake Interiors will be showcasing artwork on home decor. At Greater Good Gallery, Carol Jones will be demonstrating the skills of oil painting. In attendance, more artisans will hold creative demos such as Alice Bilello, Lee Hood, James Herring and Elisa Schulman. See the soaring light sculptures by Stan Harman in the Isaac Taylor Garden.

On Pollock Street, check out working artisans such as Dee Mayer and Jill Eberle in their studios at Baxters Fine Art Gallery.

Ed Macomber’s en plain air water-color painting of the original bohemian artists at the studio of Michaele Rose Watson

Find the Bohemian artists scattered around town. See the bohemian artists in action at Bear Towne Java hosting Lilly Stith, Braedon Welsh, Beth Gosnell, Mattie Cordio, and Sarah Thrasher as they demonstrate their various crafts and art. Visit the original site of bohemian artists at the studio of Michaele Rose Watson to see Ben Watford throwing clay pots. Around the corner on Broad Street, see new works by Ed Macomber in Studio 413.

Further into the evening, Artcrawl continues on with performances. Ratio Theatre will be presenting “CLYBOURNE PARK ” a black and white comedy starting at 8pm in the Cullman Performance Hall at the history centre. Become a performing artist at Christophe’s Lounge in the Doubletree to sing KARAOKE, for details call 252/638-0305. See a concert by Dana and Susan Robinson at 8pm at Trent River Coffee. Enjoy the international film series, “As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me” at 7:30pm in Orringer Auditorium at Craven Community College. Open Dance Party will start at 7:30pm at Rivertowne Ballroom, call 252/637-2003 for details. Watch the play “The Underpants” in Athens Theatre starting at 7:30pm by New Bern Civic Theatre, call 252/633-0567 for details.

To see the google map of the ARTcrawl in action, visit ( or call 252/649-1712 for details.