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Artisans of the South Carolina Tobacco Trail Accepting Applications for Membership

January 28, 2011

A guild for the artisans that live and create throughout the counties that lie along the South Carolina Tobacco Trail has formed the Artisans of the South Carolina Tobacco Trail. The Tobacco Trail runs through the counties of Horry, Darlington, Dillon, Marion, Williamsburg, Georgetown, and Florence.

ASCTT is now accepting applications for membership. If you are interested in becoming a juried member of the Artisans of the South Carolina Tobacco Trail, read the guidelines below.

All potential members are selected through a two-part jury process to ensure their craft is of a good standard. For the first stage, works will be reviewed by e-mailed jpeg photographs.  Five images should be e-mailed to ( on or before Mar. 26, 2011. These photos will then be distributed to the jury. Those meeting basic standards are then asked to present their work in person for the final jury stage. This will take place at Conway Glass Center in Conway, SC, on Apr. 8, 2011. Notification will be sent by e-mail within a week of jurying.

Accepted media for jury are: clay, drawing, fiber, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, natural materials, painting, paper, photography, sculpture, handmade books, and wood. Specialty foods made in the area will also be considered for jurying. The following forms of production are prohibited: crafts produced from commercial kits; commercial patterns, molds and forms; any item violating copyrights; plants (except Bonsai), polished rocks, decoupage and similar items;  hobby crafts, shell crafts, country crafts, decal crafts, silk or dried floral arrangements, mass-produced items, commercial re-sales. No work made from commercial stencils or prefabricated forms. No copies of masters, advertisements or widely distributed photos. Work produced in a class or workshop is not eligible to be juried or shown.

Applications for Membership can be obtained by calling or e-mailing Barbara Streeter at ( or 843/248-4527.

More information about the live jury phase and the exhibiting opportunity will be sent out when the jpeg images are received.

The mission of the Artisans of the South Carolina Tobacco Trail is to bring together artists, artisans, and retailers for the benefits of marketing, tourism, education, and shared resources.

The Artisans of the South Carolina Tobacco Trail promotes the tradition of fine visual arts and fine crafts. It serves the professional artists, craftspeople and retailers of the South Carolina Tobacco Trail area, and work representing the area. It is run by and for its members; volunteers do most of the work. A board of directors is elected from the membership.

Dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship, ASCTT promotes the career development of its members through marketing, by operating wholesale/retail shows, maintaining a website, and by publishing a newsletter and an annual brochure which will be placed at interstate welcome centers, local hotels, chambers of commerce, arts groups, etc.

Shows are known for their consistent high-quality standards. This is achieved by a comprehensive jury system for professional membership. The guild also serves as a liaison between its membership and other cultural and educational organizations within the state.

The Black Creek Arts Council of Darlington County made the formation of the Artisans of the South Carolina Tobacco Trail possible through a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture.

The exhibit, A Celebration of Many Talents: Artisans of the Cotton Trail & the Tobacco Trail, featuring works by members of the ASCTT are currently on view through Mar. 4, 2011, at The Art Trail Gallery in Florence, SC.