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Columbia, SC’s First Thursday On Main Takes Place on June 7, 2012

June 5, 2012

Frame of Mind: FOM Series presents “More Oddities” by Kara Gunter.

The FOM Series is proud to present the unruly, the irregular, the art of discombobulation created by Kara Gunter specifically for this show.

Gunter states, “This body of work deals with confusion, being out of sorts or not in harmony with events and surroundings. Ideas of escape from an overworked mind and obsessive thinking, and of being able to reorganize the body in hopes of forming a new reality for one’s self. The new ‘reality’ which is created is, however, a sort of surreal dream state, in which nothing completely feels right or makes sense – where action is redundant and blind.”

Does this sound familiar? It should; this is month two of Gunter’s show. But this month, we are adding in more of her “odd” art and bringing along Kim Deslandes, as well. The gallery will be brimming over with the oddities that have filled their minds just for our show!

Our world famous, Seattle-based Circus emcee can’t be with us for the June FOM Series, BUT we’re bringing in music, belly dancing, fire eating and spinning, hula hooping, and some more sideshow marvels that are ever the crowd pleasers. The outdoor stage will be a whirl of activity that you don’t want to miss. Get ready to enjoy our guest performers: DJ Deft Key, Robin Souls, Columbia Hoops, Chris Carney, Kendal Turner, and Serpentine Belly Dance!

Anastasia & Friends present “Animal Lyfe” featuring works by Jarid Lyfe Brown.

Work by Jarid Lyfe Brown

For the month of June, Anastasia & Friends is proud to present “Animal Lyfe”, an exhibition of mixed media paintings created by artist Jarid Lyfe Brown. Brown’s anthropomorphic animals are presented as layered, outward interpretations of awkward, hurtful. Sometimes, even angry emotions that have trapped or currently have him trapped. Many of the works possess a sense of automaticism, a subconscious streaming of current thoughts, as he paints while others may have conscious thoughts he has experienced in the form of written phrases or words pertaining to the particular concept integrated within them … a journal of sorts.

Each one of these new, revealing pieces has been created with a highly layered process using oil, latex, spray paint, grease pencil, charcoal and oil bar, always leaving the initial layer exposed, as a form of history, so to speak. Upon closer examination, these remarkable works reveal a multitude of micro-paintings to the viewer.

Malik Whitaker, aka, the world famous DJ Sirius Black, will present an evening as the master of pop, rock, and soul with some auditory art that’ll thrill your ears.

Our beloved Maria Kennedy Mungo will sponsor some of her own savory edible art for you to enjoy as you explore this special exhibition.

“Animal Lyfe” will run from June 7 – 29, 2012. Anastasia & Friends gallery is located inside the Free Times’ building and is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information, contact Anastasia Chernoff at 803/665-6902.

S&S Art Supply offers “Find Me,” featuring paintings by Amy Windland.

S & S Art Supply is happy to feature a solo exhibition of paintings by local artist Amy Windland. Commonly described as whimsical, colorful, and simply lovely, Amy’s paintings transcend time and place, coming from somewhere within – her secret place to and from reality.

“’Find Me’ is a reference to the place I find myself while painting… absolutely lost and loving it”, says the artist. Many of her paintings consistently present a singular tree in a vast open landscape, which separates her from the world, with symbolic roots representing her need to stay grounded, while branches always reaching outwards, showing the expansive connections or limitations within all of us. “Since then I have added the elements of messages traveling from my secret places to and from reality by way of folded papers,” says Windland.

Born in Norfolk, VA, this Army brat grew up traveling mostly around the Southeast coast, continually discovering new landscapes and cultures. Windland also spent some time living in Germany. “My parents made it a big point to load my sister and I up in the car every other weekend or so while living in Europe to go and see somewhere new. Every little town on the map had some piece of history that needed to be explored, and my parents were going to make sure that we got to see it all. I got to travel a large portion of the continent of Europe, and wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.” Windland since then has studied art at the University of South Carolina’s Sumter and Columbia campuses, studying mainly drawing and painting. She has shown in several different capacities: galleries, craft fairs and festivals, state fairs, restaurants, spas, and magazine publications.

Tapp’s Art Center present the exhibit “Pretty Girls”.

Work by Katherine Perry

The second annual show will feature works by over 50 local artists, both male and female, and will display art consisting of individual, philosophical and/or political views on a consumerist view of feminism.

“Pretty Girls” is a mixed-media exhibition including 2-D to 3-D sculpture, interactive art, installation art, and traditional mediums. The opening reception will include a variety of performance art, music, dance and film. This collective showcases through a diversity of ideas their perceptions of consumer and feminist culture. The show will hang through the month of June.

Some of the artists include: Leslie Pierce, Stephen Chesley, Heidi Darr-Hope, Alejandro Garcia Lemos, Thomas Crouch, Kirkland Smith, Cedric Umojo, Claude Buckley, Reba Edwards, Molly Harrell, Merle Fendig, Amanda Ladymon, Anastasia Chernoff, Whitney LeJeune, Lucas Sams, and Jenna Sach.

Wine Down on Main features works by Mark Poole.

We are very excited to be presenting Mark Poole this June! A USC graduate and resident of Lexington, SC, his art has opened the door for extensive travels in America, Europe, Asia and Australia, attending shows, galleries and signings. Poole’s paintings and prints are collected worldwide.

Poole is also a worldwide award winning illustrator for over 20 years. He has illustrated over 1000 cards and conceptual images for various companies including Wizards of the Coasts, “Magic The Gathering,” White Wolfs “Vampire,” FASA’s “Battletech,” Blizzards’s “World of Warcraft,” History Channel, Hasbro, Sony Online Entertainment, Upper Deck, White Wolf, Alderac Entertainment, Ducks Unlimited, Cirque du Soliel, and “Doomtown”.  Just as an FYI, “Magic the Gathering” is one of the world’s biggest selling card games and has been translated in over 7 languages!

Poole works mainly in oil paints for his personal work. He also uses Adobe Photoshop with Corel’s “Painter” to provide illustrations, depending on the client and end result. Some work is solely created on the computer and then produced by the client digitally. Lately, he finds himself painting for galleries, private collectors, and for the pure enjoyment of pushing paint around and the never ending process of learning.

Please come out and join us as we celebrate Poole’s art work! His web site is (

For further information contact Mark Plessinger by calling 803/988-1065 or e-mail at (


Columbia Design League Offers a Lecture by Mark Sottnick at Tapp’s Art Center in Columbia, SC – Mar. 22, 2012

March 15, 2012

The Columbia Design League will offer the lecture, Mark Sottnick: I Spy for Fun and Profit, at Tapp’s Art Center, located at 1644 Main Street in Columbia, SC, on Mar. 22, starting at 6pm.

Using photography to search the streets around the globe for the past 25 years, Sottnick brought “global visual intel” – trends, cultural patterns and ideas – to some of the world’s leading companies including Target, Budweiser and Marshall Fields. Rather than presenting ideas and charts or spreadsheets, Sottnick believes that imagery is far more effective for the client.

This corporate work led to his personal discovery: the belief that creativity, conscious and unconscious amateur design is everywhere around us if we only look and that anyone can enhance their own enjoyment and understanding of the world through a photographic exploration of their travels or their own local surroundings. The museum is now the street. Sottnick shares examples that he has “spied” for fun and profit.

Fee is $10 or free for CDL members.

For further info visit (

February’s First Thursdays on Main in Columbia, SC – Feb. 2, 2012, 5-9pm

January 31, 2012

Frame of Mind: FOM Series: The Photography of Preach Jacobs

One of Columbia’s own sons, Preach Jacobs is a photographer, a musician, an emcee, a journalist, and the founder of Sounds Familiar Records ( He is also the editor of Mo’ Betta Soul magazine ( You can find this accomplished photographer’s award winning work on the covers of Vapors Magazine, Lo-Fi, and more. As a musician and emcee, he has shared the stage with the likes of 50 Cent, George Clinton, and Nelly, just to name a few. In fact, you can hear his latest single, “Baptized” at (

For the February 2012 FOM Series, Preach will present photos of the people and places he has encountered during his world travels. Come and enjoy a fresh perspective, as documented by one of our favorite artists!

Anastasia & Friends: The Surreal Show Redux

Work by Lindsay Wiggins

For this month’s first Thursday art crawl on Main Street, Lindsay Wiggins and Anastasia Chernoff are co-hosting a redux of The Surreal Show. Surrealism is a movement in art and literature which began in the 1920’s that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, characterized by the evocative juxtaposition of incongruous images in order to include unconscious and dream elements. All of the artwork featured in the show was created using the surrealist approach and will include paintings, mixed media, photography, textiles and sculpture by Natalie Brown, Janice Dittmar, Nathan Fiveash, Libby Gamble, Kirill Simin, Lyra Stephens, Michelle Rogers, Lindsay Wiggins, and Anastasia Chernoff.

Surrealism stems from the subconscious mind, so it only made sense to invite Columbia’s most revered hypnotist!  Dr. G. Fredric Mau, board-certified hypnotist and owner of Watermark Hypnosis in Columbia, will offer rapid induction performance art as part of the show.  Dr. Mau will move volunteers into a hypnotic state very quickly – in 10 to 30 seconds – leading them through a variety of subconscious effects, including catalepsy, memory tricks, and anesthesia.  The rapid-induction performance will explore the way participants react to suggestions using the subconscious mind.  “The transition from an awake state to a hypnotic state can be achieved very quickly – almost as fast as turning a switch,” Mau says. “We do some of our best creative work when we relax, as anyone who has come up with a great idea in the shower knows. Hypnosis and art are collaborative partners.” We are honored and excited to have Dr. Mau as a part of the evening’s opening.

Many thanks go to the Roe Young State Farm Agency for sponsoring wine and cheese during the first Thursday reception.

S&S Art Supply: Futurespective – Lucas Sams, Early Masterworks

For First Thursday, S & S Art Supply presents Lucas Sams, and possibly a live music performance by a surprise group of local Jazz musicians! This exhibition chronicles a progression from the beginning of Lucas’ early work to more recent paintings. About his artwork, Lucas says, “My work is a visual synthesis of many varied sources of inspiration, from the Baroque to the Surreal. I don’t think about what I am going to create before I paint, allowing the work to evolve and essentially create itself.” He thinks of the artist as an effective conduit, approaching art-making like a mad scientist, combining traditional mediums with organic material and found objects, to create art that has a life of its own, transcending the normal boundaries of art on canvas.

Lucas Sams was born in Greenwood, SC, and has lived in South Carolina for most of his life. He has studied art at the SC Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, Temple University’s Japan Campus, and USC. He is a painter, musician, writer, and sculptor; he is also a resident artist at the Tapp’s Center for the Arts.

Tapp’s Art Center: THE COLLECTORS

Work by Eliot Dudik

Tapp’s Arts Center, Columbia’s center for art and music at 1644 Main Street, will show From Here to Mississippi, a photography exhibition. Tapp’s invites the public to mingle with the artists, see their work, and most importantly, celebrate the grand opening. University of South Carolina faculty, Kathleen Robbins and Eliot Dudik, both members of the photography department, will display some of their recent work. Robbins and Dudik will be joined by recent graduates and current student members of the University of South Carolina Photographic Society.

Also, in the spirit of giving and in celebration of the exhibition, Nature and the Grand American Vision, the Columbia Museum of Art, on Main Street in Columbia, SC, offers Pay-What-You-Wish admission on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012, from 11am-8pm, courtesy of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina.

For further information contact Mark Plessinger by calling 803/988-1065 or e-mail to (

Susan Lenz Dies in Her First Performance Art Piece at Tapp’s Art Center During First Thursday on Main in Columbia, SC – June 2, 2011

June 1, 2011

This is NOT a critical review! I can just see the Internet alive with chatter about Susan Lenz’s death after a few people see this headline. In reality, Lenz will just die for two and a half hours in one of the window displays at Tapp’s.

In collaboration with “radical evolutionary” artist Michael Krajewski and fine art photographer Heather Bauer, installation artist Susan Lenz will create a tableaux in a Main Street window at the Tapps Center for the Arts. The curtain will open at 5:30pm on Thursday, June 2, 2011, and the curtain will close at approximately 8pm.

Update: Eric Parton will also take part in this performance.

Please come by to see the Pre-Raphaelite inspired Ophelia laying in a tub of artificial flowers collected from cemetery dumpsters with a graffiti-inspired suicide note, “I LOVE YOU, HAMLET”. After the one-evening performance, Heather Bauer’s photo will be suspended above the “scene of the crime”.

For more information visit Lenz’s blog post at ( or go to her Facebook page at (

First Thursday on Main at Tapp’s in Columbia, SC

May 30, 2011