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Ciel Gallery + Mosaic Studio in Charlotte, NC, Moves to New Location and Expands

September 10, 2011

In the Spring of 2008, Ciel Gallery + Mosaic Studio became the first gallery in the United States dedicated to the exhibition of mosaic art. Three years later, after fourteen international exhibitions highlighting hundreds of works from across the US and seven countries, hosting 10 Visiting Artists, conducting weekly classes and educating an appreciative audience about the nature of contemporary mosaic art, we’re ready to grow!

Our new location at 128-C East Park Avenue in the South End area of Charlotte, includes 2.5 times the exhibition space, a dedicated classroom with room for 25+ students, and studio space for creating private commissions, public projects, and community art.

And we’re not just talking more space; we’ve also welcomed four partners to round out our full class schedule and ability to complete large commissions.

Vicki Hanson-Burkhart: Daughter of a quilt artist and a wood pattern maker / inventor, she grew up in a home where creativity was encouraged as free expression, thoughtful design and excellence in workmanship. A mosaic artist for 15 years, her love of color, texture and pattern shine through her work. Having studied with master mosaicists in the US and abroad, Hanson-Burkhart’s material of choice is classic Italian handmade glass. Her work is narrative in theme and rich with symbolism. She is an on-site Studio Artist at Ciel. For more info about Hanson-Burkhart visit (

Annette Cossentine: Classically trained in Venice, she specializes in smalti mosaics. She has executed several public art projects and has been chosen for inclusion in a book by Brit Hammer-Djicks entitled Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice. Cossentine offers classes in smalti as well as fun and functional mosaics in stained glass and other tesserae. She has worked with students in Charlotte through ArtsTeach Grants, Goodwill Industries, and private tutoring. Cossentine is currently available for private instruction and will offer a range of classes. For more info about Cossentine visit (

Teresa Hollmeyer: She has been creating mosaics since 1996, starting with tile and concrete forms for garden art. Twelve years ago she discovered a technique of applying stained glass to clear glass and her creative world  changed. “I’ve been making glass on glass mosaics ever since. I love the colors, textures and movement that glass offers. I’m very excited to be a part of the Ciel family and look forward to offering several glass on glass mosaic classes this fall.” Hollmeyer is a member of Artery.

Tina Alberni: Alberni is a certified, 14-year Art Education veteran with 20+ years experience as a professional artist. Media or specific styling does not define her work; instead, ideas and concepts are articulated through the combination and experimentation of multifarious materials ranging from glass and recycled objects to oils on canvas and everything in between. Because of her formal training in the visual arts and her extensive experience with teaching and working with mixed media, Alberni will teach several art foundation classes that will integrate mosaic concepts and techniques with an array of materials and styles. Because she feels the art experience is more about the journey and less about the final product, Alberni also hopes to organize interactive art experiences, community public art events and collective mosaic/mixed media assemblages. For more info about Alberni visit (

Pam Goode: Known for her use of color and whimsy, Goode works primarily in smalti and other glass tesserae, but will scavenge pretty much anything to add texture and surprise to her mosaics. A twelve year veteran, she has exhibited three times in the prestigious Mosaic Arts International, has led community mosaic project installations, worked as a Visiting Artist in schools, and taught a wide range of students, including Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs, Metrolina Association for the Blind, Goodwill Industries, and Association for Retarded Citizens, in addition to conceiving and running Ciel Gallery + Mosaic Studio for the past three years. Goode will offer a range of classes for Beginning through Intermediate students, as well as commissions, community and public art, and a one week class in Italy. For more info about Goode visit (

Please visit us in our new location at 128-C East Park Avenue, Charlotte, NC  28203, next door to Lark & Key Gallery. The Gallery will open Oct. 7, 2011.

For further information call 980/202-2435 or visit (