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Members of Anglican Parish Church of the Apostles in Columbia, SC, Create Sacred Art

October 31, 2012

Members of downtown Anglican parish Church of the Apostles, in Columbia, SC, recently came together to fashion sacred art out of post-consumer waste. Under the direction of local artist, Kirkland Smith, graphic designer, Christy Goodman, and the church’s Arts Fellowship team, parishioners collected, donated, sorted, and arranged household disposable items for an Assemblage titled “The Life”. The piece will be on display at Vista Studios/Gallery 80808 during Vista Lights on Nov. 15, 2012, from 5 to 9pm.

Measuring 15 feet wide and 5 feet high at its center point, “The Life” depicts the life of Christ in a stylized way, representative of a traditional stained glass triptych. The side panels mirror each other with the Star of Bethlehem shining over the manger and the cross looming over the empty tomb. The center panel features the Tree of Life, stretched over rolling hills, mountain peaks, and a ribbon of river. Throughout the piece, a growing dawn lightens the sky from shades of blue to streaks of red, orange, and yellow. Items used to paint this pastoral scene include toys, trinkets, make-up containers, wine corks, bottle caps, beads, and every caulk gun that broke during assembly.

Last year, Church of the Apostles renovated a dilapidated church building on the corner of Hampton and Bull instead of building a new space for the growing parish. Members of the Arts Fellowship team designed “The Life” for the church to represent and honor that reclamation of a piece of downtown Columbia that many had written off as an eyesore. This theme of redeeming the discarded and undesirable has been a part of the culture of Church of the Apostles since its inception eight years ago.

“The Life” will be on display during Vista Lights on Nov.  15 from 5 to 9pm at Gallery 80808. It will be at the gallery from Nov. 8 to 27, before it is permanently installed in the Parish Hall at Church of the Apostles, 1520 Bull Street. Gallery hours are weekdays 11am to 3pm and weekends 1 to 4pm.  Please call the Gallery 80808 at 803/252-6134 to confirm hours. The website is (

For more information or images, please contact Kirkland Smith by e-mail at (